Friday, September 17, 2010

Day Three, I'm On a Roll!

Well, a mini-roll anyway. I do feel improvements, gradual as they may be, but at least I'm feeling perkier by the day. I'll take what I can get.

I went for a little longer walk today. Still not overdoing, but it felt good to at least get stretched out and get something done. I'm working my way up to the recumbent bike, as it requires hoisting my leg over the middle of the bike. We don't have one of the fancy ones with the completely cut out middle portion.

I'm also making it a point to begin thinking about re-vamping (for a 2nd time) our eating habits. With my exercise limited, I need to alter my portions and daily calorie allotments. I informed Hubby Dearest that we are going to be enjoying more grains and more soups this fall and winter. We (meaning I) are hoping that using soups, which are quite filling, will provide the proper fiber and calorie counts without breaking the dietary bank. There are only a few (canned) soups that HD even likes, and besides chili, this could be a real challenge. But, to his credit, he has taken all of my previous wild ideas in stride, and is extremely cooperative. All I need to do is leave out the mushrooms and I'm golden. :)

So, now armed with the umpteenth iteration of my "plan", I am hopeful that I'm back on the right track. All I need is for the knee and the back to hold out until Nov. 29 when I can then fully engage in all of the things that I've been planning to do. Not quite a bucket list, but kinda close.


  1. I totally agree! Sugar really does a number on my body when i've indulged.

  2. Taco soup! I lived on that stuff last year. :) That, and a rice dish made with wild rice, brown rice, apples, cranberries, and pecans. I couldn't believe how filling it was.

    Glad you're feeling perkier!

  3. I just read the past couple of entries -- I can understand the "poor me" thoughts, and they are real. Pain, especially chronic, can really get us down. I think it's great you can have a knee replacement. Why wait so long? (Maybe you explained that somewhere else).

    My mom has had both knees replaced and both hips replaced as well as hip revisions 30 years later. I'm thankful for the technology that can do such things.

    As far as soups, I just posted about a cabbage soup that my family really likes. I'm going to try a tomato soup today and post about that, too.

    Keep rolling!


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