Friday, September 24, 2010

I Love My Postal Worker!

Well, not in the literal sense, but figuratively, anyway. Yesterday, my new blogger friend, Spunky Suzi sent me a package of delicious favorite postal worker delivered them! I simply could not resist trying just one right then and there. I chose a coconut and mango (she had me at MANGO) bar. It was lovely, even tho' I am not a huge coconut fan, I enjoyed this bar. After looking at my goody package, it occurred to me that I had won a give away a while back. This little goody bag arrived just at the right time!! I am feeling a bit better, and have begun exercising more, so a mid-day snack that is healthy will be a wonderful treat. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Suzi. I'm really anxious to try the Macadamia Nut Butter. That sounds delicious.

We have begun the tailgating season around these here parts. I am still trying to include a healthy alternative to some of the usual tailgate culprits. If I don't mention that a certain dish is healthy, it goes just as fast as the ribs, brisket and cheese corn bake. This week's switcheroo is a healthy mac 'n cheese. It came from a Taste of Home Healthy Eating cookbook, and is quite delicious. Made with healthy pasta (which coincidentally comes in the shape of the letter "N" for Nebraska) no one will know it's a lower fat, lower calorie version of the usual fat laden dish. I am also including a smoked turkey breast as well. I think I'm all set. I made a few changes last year, and they went over well, so I'm expanding this year. I've heard that many of our tailgate participants are trying to improve their eating habits, so I feel it my duty to assist them in this endeavor.....all the while really making it work for me!!


  1. I'm so glad you got it :) Enjoy!
    Probably a good thing i've never been to a tailgate party.
    I'm so glad your getting your mojo back :)

  2. I'm glad too!
    It's good to see you get your N shirts out and rah rah rah!
    Make it work for VRaz!


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