Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Not boo hoo, either. :) I have issued myself a Halloween Challenge. After pondering what I could possibly do to get my big fat ass back into gear, I came up with a short term challenge that I think will be completely doable. Taking into consideration that we have only two home games between now and Halloween....meaning only two tailgates to get through....I am re-committing to my 75% plan, with the addition of a few "tweaks" at the tailgates. I can make at least one dish that is a healthy, delicious treat for ME. If someone else wants to partake, there will be plenty, but I'm making at least one main thing just for me. I will supplement the usual chips and crap with a tray of healthy nibbles, too. The last few tailgates I have made healthy salads which no one touched. So my healthy salads idea will be made with just me in mind. I make tons of food each week, I think it's time I make things that are just for ME. I don't have to partake in the ribs, buffalo tenders, pizza bread, cheesy corn, mini-mac 'n cheese, and crunchy potatoes. I can still make them, I just need to pass on them, or be more sensible when enjoying them. Starting today, I'm scouring my many, many, many cookbooks for healthy alternatives. I'm making a shopping list for supplies I don't already have on hand, which doesn't happen often, so I need to be specific and have a list. Cooking Light and Eating Well have provided assistance previously, so I'll begin with those two "go to" recipes. I'll also use some of the wonderful recipes Mary Fran was so kind as to forward to me. As you can see above, I have plenty of reference material. This is only 1 shelf in 1 location housing my cookbook collection. It is in my pantry where I can get at them easily. I do NOT lack for information.

Therefore, Mr. Primary Child and Ms. Perfect Child, prepare for a healthy dish or two when you arrive at the tailgate tent. I realize, Ms. PC, that you'll only be at one tailgate this year, but there will be a healthy tray of food somewhere on the menu. I have to say, I'd be surprised if more people don't enjoy some different stuff and dive into the "good for you" fare. Hubby Dearest might be the toughest sell, but even he will come around, I'm sure.

The hardest portion of my challenge will be the tailgate beverage station avoidance. Perhaps taking this into consideration, and planning ahead will help. This is one of the reasons I think I came up with the 75% rule originally. Even taking alcohol into consideration, we do walk a fair distance to and from the stadium, so at least I'm not sitting still and drinking for hours and hours. There IS a game in between. :)

Having issued myself this challenge, I am hoping to lose 10 pounds by Halloween. I think if I truly implement the ideas I have just espoused, I can be successful in this endeavor. The plan is still kinda forming in its entirety, but I think I've made a good start. The Halloween Challenge is a short term goal kinda thing, so I'll consider expanding to a Thanksgiving Challenge, Christmas Challenge......you get the idea. Baby steps, mostly because I have an extremely short attention span.


  1. Sounds like a great plan!!! You can do it!

    Just found another 'healthy' recipe that I'm gung ho over....so I'll pass it on.

    Banana Split Pie
    Cover the bottom of a pie pan (I actually use a 8x8 square pan..as they fit better) with graham crackers. Slice a banana and place over graham crackers. Layer a cup of sliced strawberries over the banana. Cover the strawberries with a small box of ff/sf pudding (made with ff milk of course) and top with a cup of ff cool whip. This is VERY good. So good that I made it on Sunday.....and made a second batch last night. 1/4 of the pan is only 200 cals.....4 ww points. The second batch (the batch for dinner tonight) I added a layer of crushed pineapple. Nuts on my husbands side, and I plan to drizzle a little bit of chocolate on it before serving. (oh yes, and I threw on some marichino cherries for prettiness....and taste).

  2. I'm glad to have a Halloween challenge partner. Great minds and all that! :)

  3. Sounds like you and I both are a bit fed up with our lack there of. I think I'll join you on the Halloween challenge. Though I tend to not lose very quickly, if I can lose 6 lbs by Halloween I'll be thrilled.

    And I got to try Mary Fran's dessert listed above. YUM!

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. That is a brilliant solution - you are so going to fit on the broomstick this year!

  5. I like it! We will be waiting to hear how it turns out!

  6. I might copy that challenge for myself! :)

    - Lisa


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