Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Honestly, I've Been Scrapped!!

Thanks to Jo, I've been given the Honest Scrap award. If memory serves, it's been 2 min. since I read about this award, and I have the attention span of a gnat. I am supposed to tell 10 things about myself that no one knows and then pass the award on to 10 more bloggers. Hopefully, that is the correct explanation of this prestigious award. So, I'm pondering ten things about me that no one would know. Since my kids read my blog periodically, I assume this is intended to enlighten the blogosphere, not family. :0 They pretty much know everything there is to know at this point. As has been said ,"Rarely do I have an unspoken thought". It all comes rolling out at some point or another.

1. I have only lived here in Iowa for about 2 years. After 25+ years in Omaha, I'm not a huge fan of Iowans. Never have I heard so much whining about infringement of personal rights. At the moment, it is because bike riders want car drivers to be nicer. It is the bike riders' personal right to be on the road. Whine, whine, whine over everything imaginable. To top it off, Iowans may just possibly be the second worst group of drivers, ever. Second only to Massholes. Directional fluid does not come in cars sold in Iowa, I am convinced.

2. I love all things golf, but I'm assuming you all knew that. I'm counting it as one of my ten anyway. (I am also pretty darned good at golf, too.)

3. I love a good party!! Actually, I can make a bad party good, so I guess I just love parties in general.

4. I can procrastinate 'til the cows come home, and NO ONE can out stubborn me.

5. Geez, this is getting hard now. I love to cook for a crowd.....which usually means A PARTY!! I do love to cook, and will try a new recipe at the drop of a hat. I have an amazing pantry and freezer. Rarely do I have to run to the store for a strange ingredient. Although finding some of my stuff here in Iowa has been a challenge.

6. I want, more than almost anything, a huge outdoor kitchen, complete with a huge brick oven and all the bells and whistles. I have a great grill, but I want it ALL!!!

7. I love, love, love gourmet grocery stores. I will buy almost any obscure thing in them I can find.

8. I have an affinity for golf shoes. Not regular shoes, but golf shoes. I have way too many pairs hiding around the house and in my locker at the club. It's kinda embarrassing, but I really don't care.

9. I collect recipes knowing I will probably never use them. I have books, folders, binders, and way too many cookbooks, but I still don't have enough. I buy cookbooks and actually read them. I'll read anything, but I really do enjoy reading cookbooks.

10. I miss my grandkids. In Omaha, we lived 5 min. away and I could go babysit at the drop of a hat. Now I have to schedule visits cuz we're 2 hrs. away. That is what truly sucks. They are so cute and so much fun, I really miss being close to them.

Now, Jo.....drop down to DM sometime and we'll hang out together. I know you've been "in the hood" before, so come again. Thanks for the award, but thinking this hard has made me tired. But, as instructed, here are the 10 bloggers I will bestow the award upon. In no particular order, as they say on "Dancing With The Stars".
1. Sheilagh
2. Kate
3. Tina
4. Teresa
5. Gigi
6. Cammy
7. Tammy
8. Mary Fran
9. Suzi
10. Irene
11. Jack
12. Amy

Guess my #11 should be I don't follow directions very well.

I know I left a few people out, but I love all my fellow bloggers, and read everyone regularly.
Ok, I've done my part, now it's your turn to do your thing. I'll await the answers. I hope you have more luck thinking of 10 things than I did. :)


  1. I think Anna could give you a run on being stubborn. :)

  2. I wish I could have you over for a party! :) I thought I was the only one who dreams of an outdoor brick oven. I swear I'm going to get on one of those shows where the come do your back yard!

  3. Thanks for the tag, V. I'm already out of gas for today but will work on the 10 tomorrow. I hope they don't have to be interesting things about myself because, well, I'm just not that interesting.

  4. Holy cow, is #4 ever true! Must be where I get it. :)

  5. Oh thank you for the award, but please share it with someone else. Someone who has 10 things no one else knows. :) Like you, I'm one of those 'no unspoken thoughts' people. :)

    We also have #4 and #9 in common, although I am actually using some of my recipes now.

  6. I gave you the Honest Scrap award,too. You rock. :)


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