Monday, September 28, 2009

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does"

Sound familiar? Yep, another Monday morning apology for yet another tailgate indiscretion!! Lucky for me we have a bye week, so I can get down to business. Now, truthfully, the tailgate was not "what done 'er in" specifically. It was just the starting gate for a downhill thrill ride. Now, even tho' my granddaughter is being taught not to use the word "stupid", I cannot think of another apt word for what I did this weekend. I was STUPID!! And up until right now, I wasn't really feeling all that guilty about it. THAT is what worries me. Beginning with an evening football game and all afternoon tailgate, the food and beverage consumption was, to say the very least, a bit excessive. Expected, but excessive. Late night, early morning, to boot. After the game we return to Omaha, where we stay over night, thus knocking off an extra hour of drive time. Sunday morning got up and on the road so we could make a noon tee time with friends. Noon, of course signals the appropriate time to begin consuming adult beverages. Had two on the course. Golf is over after about 4 hours, which brings us to the "cocktail hour", which leads to dinner with friends. Well, you see how it goes. I am not taking a quick peek at the scales this week. I'll wait to be surprised at my Wednesday Weigh In. Not looking forward to that, I'll admit.

After my "regroup and rethink" week, I did show some progress at the Wednesday Weigh In. I was down 1.2#. It's still over what my lowest has been, but since I'm looking at this as a completely new challenge, I lost weight, and that was good. Unless I can really get my butt in gear these next couple of days, I fear my next Wednesday will not show any progress. I am going to take this bye week as a sign from the diet and health Gods that I am to behave myself and stick to the plan I have repeatedly promised to adhere to. What really gets me is that for the most part, I stick to the plan quite nicely. The 75% plan I set forth works really well..... until Saturday. Whatever self control I might possibly possess, I must "sleep off" Friday night. So now, to set myself straight, I am going to focus on my weekends. Tailgates will be included, so I am working on a plan. I have just begun thinking about this, so it really doesn't have a shape or form yet. But it does seem to me that for 2 lousy days of the week, I should be able to exhibit some sort of self control. I think that this weekend will begin with a Saturday morning trip to the farmers' market. We've not been going lately since our CSA has been giving us such wonderful produce. Friday was our last day for the CSA deliveries, so I think an early morning walk through the downtown market will be just the ticket to start off a new weekend plan.

So, Stupid here is off to make that plan....."Run, Forest, Run!!!" And I will.


  1. Oh brother, V, that is one hard habit to break. And the season's just beginning too. I'm sure you'll figure something out. Don't is like a box of chocolates. Oops - sorry , didn't mean to mention chocolates when you're planning a new strategy - but you know what I mean.

  2. You just need to quit having so much fun, behave yourself, and lead a dull and boring life--like me. lol

    I have a feeling you'll figure something out, you're a smart cookie.

    I have never been to a tailgate party in my life. I'm kind of on the shy side, but I bet they are a lot of fun.

    You could tape pictures of Richard Simmons, the Hungry Monster and Jenny Craig advertisements all over your tailgait for a reminder. lol

  3. It's so hard to find the balance of being social and having fun while being healthy. I'm learning how exercise allows for my adult beverages and some of the other bad decisions that follow. I thought of you at the golf this weekend. Next thing you know I'll be playing!

  4. Nothing like a good tailgate party to wreck the diet, lol. No,'ll bounce back girl!!! Just get in some really does make up for a LOT of food indiscretions! :)

  5. Social situations are tricky, but if you stick to plan in the non-social times, I think you'll be able to pull it off!


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