Friday, September 11, 2009

I Was Right, Dadgummit

Yep, my Wednesday Weigh In was everything I thought it would be....and a bit more! Not surprisingly, I was up 3.4#. Not huge in the grand scheme of things, but certainly more than I wanted to see. I am improving my habits this week, but Tailgate #2 is tomorrow. I'm including some healthier options, so I'm going to really try and stick to the plan. I spent all day yesterday smoking a turkey breast and two briskets, so the turkey is ready for me. Also included in the day's activities is about a 2 mile walk to the stadium, a 1 mile walk at half time, and another 2 miles back to the tailgate spot after the game. That should all help, I hope.

I have been taking short walks this week, so that is certainly an improvement on my part. I do love my spiffy new shoes, and I really do notice a slight pull in my legs and butt when I walk with them on. Now, whether or not that will show any real results, or not, remains to be seen, but they are comfy and ever so cute. Even Hubby Dearest commented on how cute he thought my new shoes were. THAT never happens, so I am led to believe they really are as cute as I think. :)

I'm sad to see the last days of my CSA deliveries coming. Only 3 more Friday deliveries counting this one. I'm finally getting the kinds of produce I really want, and now it's almost done for the season. The abundance of kohlrabi in the early season almost had me wanting to quit the CSA and go just to Farmers' Markets, but I'm rethinking that now. We get our first winter squash this week! Those are among my favorite things, so I'm anxious for those to start appearing. I suppose, as with most farming operations, a lot of the success depends on the weather conditions at the farm. This year was certainly better than last year when we had all of the flooding around here, so the produce quantity and quality reflected the improvement.

Well, much remains to be done to prepare for our tailgate. We leave tomorrow morning at 7 so we can be in place and ready to party at 10-10:30. Minor details remain, so I'll piddle around doing little things for the rest of the day. I do LOVE this time of year, tho' , so it really isn't a hardship. It's just lots of fun, and it keeps me moving all day long. That's a good thing, right?


  1. I think you have a solid plan for your next tailgate. Five miles of walking should help considerably. Maybe turkey, some crispy vegetables, some whole-grain crackers or a wrap for your turkey, and a square or two of very good chocolate? It sounds VERY fun!

  2. Have a wonderful time at your tailgate party! You really do sound like you are planning for success!

    The walking is definitely a great thing.

  3. Yeap, I wish you a great walk to success!

  4. It's definitely a good thing to keep on moving! Good for you! Don't stress about the gain, but make the changes you need to in order to continue losing. You can do this!!!

  5. Wow, your CSA is going a lot longer than the ones around here V. What are we gonna do with no fresh tomatoes? I like collards, but it just isn't quite the same!

    Have fun and enjoy that turkey!!

  6. The tailgate party sounds like lots of fun. You've got a good start on it with the turkey. The rest will take care of itself. The main thing is to ENJOY!


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