Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm A Little Pathetic!!

Well, actually, I might be a lot pathetic.....and in more ways than one. But my main problem at the moment is the fact that my Followers list won't show up on my blog. I really do have followers and I miss seeing them all lined up neatly in that little box. I am beginning to believe that once I voiced the fact that I'd been having no problems whatsoever with my blog, all sorts of little things popped up to annoy me. Karma sucks!!! So now, feeling lost and alone, I cannot see my followers even tho' I'm sure they can see me. Boo Hoo!! Oh poor me.

I am also suffering from what might be the Summer Doldrums. I am currently enjoying (?) a 3 week stall in the weight loss process. I think I can see a correlation between my exercise level diminishing due to my knee and shoulder issues, and my lack of weight lost. What does this tell me? Move it to lose it!!! I am trying to do more each day, but it is still a struggle. I wonder if reading a really heavy book counts as weight lifting. Or might walking up and down stairs with folded laundry count as cardio? I actually did some lunges last night as I walked to and from the laundry room. Very cute, I must say. Luckily, no one else was around to confirm how cute I was. (Kinda MizFit -esque, I must say.)

I do have to brag, but just for a moment. This last week, I really paid attention to what we were eating. I can't say I really planned everything out well in advance, but each morning I did give some serious thought to that day's food. I think that might possibly have helped me stay at the same weight even without lots of exercise. I was planning meals mostly because the Primary Grandchild was visiting, and she loves to help make things, so we shopped according to what would be fun for her. As I've said before, she loves her fruits and veggies, so that helped keep me on the straight and narrow.....that, and hubby dearest was out of town all week, so I could eat some of the veggies he's not fond of. When we did go out to eat, I paid attention to the ingredients in my chosen dishes, and accounted for the calories in my journal.

For anyone keeping track.....4 kohlrabi down, 4 to go. UGH~


  1. Your followers are showing up :)

  2. I see your followers. This weekend I noticed followers weren't showing up on anyone's blogs.

    Good job on those lunges. lol I'd like to think that carrying laundry is cardio beacause it's work. lol I think each movement ultimately counts, but I never count that as exercise. I should because I can really break a sweat doing housework!

    I think being mindful is a great thing. Have a good week!

  3. Sometimes the blogging factory goes haywire and followers go bye-bye in some browsers. Don't fret. We're all right here where we belong...

  4. I'm starting to feel bad for you, having all that kohlrabi. You can get to much of a good thing and you won't want it ever again.

    Good for you on eating well and planning. You should keep the Primary grandchild around more. You'll see a change this week I bet. Keep it up.

  5. Wouldn't you just know it? The moment I pressed the PUBLISH button, my Followers magically appeared. Alas!!

  6. I think the follower thing was a trick being played by Blogger - it is back for now at least.

    There is not much you can do about exercise while your good knee is bothering you - armchair aerobics just isn't the same really.

    Since you first posted about the kohlrabi I have had a craving for some, but there are none for sale round here. Typical!

  7. I'm a I am, here I am! Those kohlrabi would make good baseballs.

  8. I have just had a thought, how well does a kohlrabi bulb balance on a tee?

  9. Way to go on the mindful eating and planning! That is what it takes!

    LOL @ Mizfit-esque! I totally knew what you meant and could see you doing lunges.

  10. Yeah, I was having the follower issue too. So the universe wasn't just picking on you!
    :-) I hope you knee and shoulder are feeling better.

    I googled "kohlrabi recipes" and there are some good ones out there. Have you tried that? I have never had kohlrabi, so is it any good? Worth trying to grow or not?

  11. You absolutely should brag about your accomplishments! It's not easy staying motivated when part of your plan hits a snag. Kudos to you for hanging tough!


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