Monday, July 20, 2009

Kohlrabi...How Much Is Too Much?

Now don't get me wrong, kohlrabi is a fine moderation. However, for whatever reason my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farmer has begun growing what must be acres of the stuff. Three Fridays ago there was one little kohlrabi in my basket. I made a lovely slaw and added it to that. The following Friday there were two kohlrabies in the basket. I sliced them thinly and coupled them with a small potato or two, also from the CSA basket, and made a quasi scalloped potato dish. This past Friday I received FOUR, count them FOUR, kohlrabies in the basket!!! I'm tired of finding things to do with kohlrabi. I want a radish, a carrot, another squash.....something other than kohlrabi. Who in the world needs this much kohlrabi? Certainly not me. To say this year's harvest, so far, has been disappointing, is an understatement. AND, that is why I have made a huge decision.... Hubby Dearest and I are moving to Georgia and buying a place down the road from Patty!! That way I can sneak over in the dark of night and steal produce from her abundant garden. Don't worry Patty, I'll leave an appropriate stipend for all that I steal. :)

Now for the weekend update. Hubby Dearest and I played in our club husband and wife golf tournament yesterday. (Commonly called the "divorce open".) It is an alternate shot event, so where ever hubby dearest put me, I had to hit from that spot. This is the type of shot I was facing most of the day. Well, not really, but this was the shot of the day. We played pretty well together. Ed putted very well and hit the ball quite nicely, except for this one errant shot.

We did take a penalty shot, so I didn't actually have to hit it out of the tree. Thank goodness.
To further explain, in this family, the females are the better golfers. Both The Perfect Child and I have lower handicaps than The Primary Child and HD. So when I complement Ed on his good play, I am really being nice, not snarky. And, as Ed loves to remind me, he has that nasty habit of going to work every week day, a burden that I do not have to concern myself with. In the picture I was going to "Phoon" but decided not to do it lest our playing partners thought me really odd. Which I am, but don't want everyone to know it, especially since we are new to the area and I want to make a good impression. :) Maybe next time.


  1. "The Divorce Open" - too funny. Thanks for the Monday morning laugh. And kohlrabi? Sounds easier to move next door to Patty than to keep coming up with recipes for this stuff.

  2. I don't know that I've ever had kohlrabi. I must give it a try. But with only one (1). :)

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

  3. The kohlrabi is a pretty color - maybe you could squish it up and make dye out of it.

  4. LOL "Divorce Open" love it!!

  5. What a cute picture! Looks like y'all are having lots of fun!

    And if you lived nearby, I would bring you extra produce in the light of sneaking requiredby my friends. But you are gonna have to build your own golf course. Oh, there is probably one around, I just don't knw where it is.

    You should tell your CSA that you don't want anymore kohlrabi...that is definitely too much! I bet others are unhappy as well.)

  6. Ahh, the famous golfus balleum tree - they grow round your way too?

    Kohlrabi x 4 = too many (I used to work with a Greek man who would eat them raw, like an apple every day for his lunch though). My dad used to grow them and force them on us, they are kind of boring really, lol!

  7. Never even heard of it. Looks interesting though.

  8. Oh!!! send the kohlrabi my way!
    lol @ divorce open too!

    Phooning would've been wonderful but understandable that you didn't.
    You may start a trend though :)


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