Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It Sucks Being Old!!

I've been reading all of your posts the past few days and just now realized (ok, so I'm not all that bright or quick) that most of my blogosphere buddies are younger than I am. Now, I am a hip and happenin' grandma. I "Tweet" when I can remember my password, I am on Facebook, I blog, I have a Crackberry, so I'm not without an up to date skill set. My problem seems to be that at 60, the body is not as committed to my new health "kick" as my mind is. Each day brings a new "creek" or "snap" in some joint or another. It really sucks to hear your body talking back to you. It almost seems as tho' my joints are mocking me. :(

As you all may recall, The Perfect Child and I have had an ongoing Cardio Challenge the past few months. I began with a flourish of cardio activity. Followed by a period of cocky assurance, followed by "the insurmountable lead", followed by the "Dear God, my knee hurts", now ending with the "casual bike ride" phase, which is nowhere near a cardio event. So you see my point, don't you? As committed as I am in mind and spirit, the body is rebelling against me. I assure you I am not about to tell you I'm quitting or giving up, I'm just sayin' I might have to adjust what I do to attain my goals. Gotta be flexible in this.....even tho' my body is less flexible than I'd like.

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of all you youngsters out there. Even tho' you might have more to lose than me, and even tho' it might be harder to "Ger 'er done" each day, you inspire me with your drive and high ideals. I want to keep up, I really do. I just realize now that it isn't going to happen in the ways that I had hoped. I love it that all of you are attending to this healthy lifestyle while you are still younger. Changing these habits later can be very difficult. To all of you, I'd like to say, DO NOT give up, stay with the plan (whichever one you have chosen), and be strong. As you get older it only becomes more and more difficult to do......and much more difficult to stay with it. I really believe that if the Perfect Child was not on this journey with me (and, of course, you, my blogger friends, on whom I rely) I might well have called it quits after the first week of "The Stall". I'm now beginning week 4 of "The Stall" so even tho' I haven't lost anything in 4 weeks, I haven't gained, and over all I'm still down 16.6#. I'll take that, and hopefully continue to build upon it. Weigh In Wednesday brought now change....again.

As for the Great Cardio Challenge, I'm willing to call it a draw. Although I do not like ties, it seems only fair to let this one end that way. I started off like gangbusters, as did the PC. We waned a bit in the middle, but PC has taken to using a trainer and has done some really strenuous workouts, altho' not really cardio per se. I've been pedaling around, but not fast enough or hard enough to be called cardio. The PC has been nice enough to say she'd let me count my bike rides, even tho' they are more casual stretching than anything else. By extension, I suppose I should let her count the training sessions that are tremendously physical. So see, the really fair way to end this little challenge (the last day was to be Aug. 1) is to call it a draw, and begin a new challenge. I am proposing a healthy eating challenge since the PC isn't so great on healthy eating for dinner in the evening. She'll be in town here this weekend and part of next week, so I'll see what we can work out in the challenge department. Something easy on me, I hope. :-)


  1. I feel your pain. Thanks for the boost. I'm only 40, but the girls doing this with me are a good ten years or more younger. And you are so right to say that the movements don't come as easy as you get older. Hang in there, we'll make it, just slower then others.

  2. My best friend just turned 59, and I'm 44. I never really stop and think about the age thing at all--except my own. lol

    When I first took the Real Age test, I tested at 58.4! I'm getting stronger with the fitness thing, but I'm no spry energetic thing like these other youngsters. ;-)

    I think doing your best at any age is what counts.

    Call your cardio challenge a draw, but gosh, you did it, you moved, you worked the best you could--I think it sounds like a win to me.

  3. I so get what you're talking about. More and more little things pop up and take so much longer to mend than before. I do wish I had taken this on about 10 years ago but at least I'm doing it now. Will be 52 in a couple of weeks and not looking forward to it ONE. BIT. Hang in there - it's so worth it - even if it takes longer than it used to.

  4. Age is just a number.

    A scary, horrible, fear-inducing number.

  5. :) I sometimes think i'm old around blogworld. I'll be 48 in sept. So yep sometimes there's no way i can keep up to some people, especially with arthritis so i just do my own thing!!

  6. I think we should have a zimmer contest - now that is what I call fair!

  7. Sorry - a Zimmer is a Brit brand name for those walkers that old people use. Can they be fitted with a mileometer, d'you think?

  8. If it helps, I don't consider you all. Keep up the great work! We're all very proud of you!!!!!!!

  9. Honestly, I don't think it's your age at all. Well, maybe a little. :) In today's world, 60 isn't really so old.

    At 50, I notice the creaks and squeaks too, but I also read similar reports from those much younger. I think in our zeal to get going, we maybe push too hard to get to the top...and forget to build a sturdy platform to hold us up. Maybe taking a step back and focusing on steady, sustainable exercise would be a good plan? Maybe not.

    You mentioned flexibility and reminded me that I need to find a good affordable yoga studio when I return home. Now THAT's an exercise all of us can benefit from!

  10. I wish with all my heart that my 70 year-old father had 1/2 the drive that you have to make changes. I'm almost 40 and realizing that when I get to 60, 70 & even 80 I want to be able to move. Kudos to you for making changes, no matter the age.


    Im with everyone else in the awe at how hoard you are working and how tenacious you are.

    I just turned 40 and am nagging :) my parents to get to the gym.
    do ANYTHING.

    and they are steadfastly ... not.


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