Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Takin' One For The Team

Even tho' I know these pictures will in no way compare to the garden pictures Patty has shared with us, I will go where no one else dares to go.....
I still cannot figure out how to get the pictures to line up properly, but you get the "gist" of it. These are my gardening efforts, and while they may be pitiful, with my reputation as the family's "black thumb", I'm pretty impressed with my efforts. I have my upside down tomatoes with peppers and strawberries in the box above the tomatoes. As you can see, a few little cherry tomatoes are trying to grow up into lovely salad toppings. The container hanging over the side of the deck is one of my herb beds. This is the one with rosemary, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley and dill. The picture of my other hanging basket didn't show up in time to be "published". It has the basil, thyme, oregano, bay leaf and sage. It is doing quite nicely, in my opinion.
So now, having taken one for all of the gardener wannabes, feel free to laugh at my meager efforts. I'm happy with my "garden" and that's all that matters. :) I remember telling my kids to do the best they can, and try their hardest and that will be good enough. I'm taking my own advice now.
Today was Weigh In Wednesday. 'Nuff said. I shot myself in the foot yet again. No change this week. I made the mistake of weighing myself after the holiday weekend, saw a small loss, and proceeded to goof off a bit. The loss was .4#, and I thought not writing about it would keep me on know karma and all that stuff....I was wrong. Now, in my defense, I didn't gorge myself on bad stuff, just enjoyed my farmers' market fruits and veggies in larger quantities than I probably should have. Strawberries and blueberries being my biggest indulgence. I have also jumped back on the bike to redeem myself a bit. The Great Cardio Challenge is heating up, so I have had two days of biking to my credit this far. The Perfect Child is campaigning (along with her trainer) for credit for her workouts. If I don't get credit for golf, I'm not giving her credit for training. It's a fight to the finish, and I'm not going down without a fight. The challenge ends Aug. 1, so I have a little ground to make up before then. I'm on it!!!


  1. I think your little garden is beautiful! Congrats, black thumb, you're doing a great job with it!

  2. Nice little patch. The marijuana plants look particular healthy.

  3. The garden shots are great and far more advanced than my own which is still a weed patch - just as it was last year. It will be a bumper crop of weeds here.

    Don't sweat the WI - just a momentary blip.

  4. Jack, no one was supposed to notice that!! Leave it to you to be the observant one in the bunch.

  5. I LOVE your garden! I saw some of my cherry tomatoes finally turning red this morning. Can't wait to dip them in some hummus! Definititely don't sweat the weigh in - especially after the holiday!

  6. It is just lovely - my wee corner is shaping up now and I have a parsley and a chive to add to my cut-and-come-again lettuce!

    I love that you have so many herbs, they are great fresh like that.

    I feel very inspired now...

  7. My garden might be a little bigger, but yours is beautiful, productive and healthy! And you have two things in your space that I don't. I can't grow sage to save my life, and I have never even tried to grow bay leaf! I am truly impressed! Black thumb, my foot. Plus, like I told you yesterday, hubby is really the master gardener here, and I am just his garden ho. :-)

  8. Jack - I thought those were poppies - strictly medicinal purposes!
    Seriously, though, very nice!


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