Friday, July 24, 2009

Tomatoes and A Tomatah!!

This week has been a busy one here. I've been entertaining the hired hand you see here. This is The Primary Grandchild, and my "hired hand". We have just harvested the first of my tomato crop. We picked 14 cherry tomatoes on Tues. Within 2 min. of washing them off and taking this picture, they were consumed by the "hired hand". I heard they were delicious, but I cannot say for sure. I have to say, for a 5 yr. old, this kid will eat almost any veggie you put in front of her. I'm always impressed with what she will try. We looked every morning for more produce to harvest, but alas, everything else is taking its sweet time.
In the brief moment this week I had to read, I saw an article about "Vicarious goal fulfillment". It was a study done at Duke University that claims people who go to restaurants that have salads listed on a menu that is otherwise unhealthy, (I assume they meant fast food places) caused customers to order higher calorie, higher fat options such as french fries. The study claims that the salad listing makes people feel better because they considered the greens-even though they chose an unhealthy alternative. It made me wonder if we are really that easily swayed....and, how did they collect this evidence? Has anyone ever actually looked at the salads listed, then chose fries instead? I certainly don't do it consciously. I don't go to a wonderful fish market and choose a high fat cut of beef instead. Would this be the same sort of thing? I guess I don't really get it.
Finally got rid of the kohlrabi!!! Used some of it as I would a radish. I also made another slaw with more kohlrabi than cabbage. of joys....more kohlrabi is on the way in my CSA basket today! UGH! In the email from the CSA farmer, he did mention that this might be the last of the kohlrabi, and that people were a little tired of it. He conceded that he might have over planted it a tad. DUH!!
News Update....NO Michael Jackson butter sculpture at the Iowa State Fair this year. Over 101,000 votes were cast, and 63% of those votes were anti-MJ. I have to say I'm not really surprised, but I was taken aback by the number of votes that actually were cast. I really thought that asking people to vote was just a way of appeasing the nay-sayers. Apparently, it was more of a sticking point than I imagined. Guess you never know what will trip one's trigger, do you?


  1. Glad PG enjoyed the tomatoes (I am with Jack, she is cute!).

    Good news about the end of the kohlrahi, lol and how odd about the MJ butter sculpture!

    I remember reading that study and thought it must be flawed, seemed a little silly to me!

  2. Glad the Kohlrahi is over, I've never had it, but can relate to too much of a good thing. Your grandchild is preciuos, and good for her eating veggies, now if we could teach the rest of the world to like them.

    Hope the garden starts overflowing with goodness soon.

  3. OMG , she is adorable and the fact that she loves tomatoes and veggies just makes her even more so!

    V, when you have time, you should check out Lee Getting Fit. She has a few posts along the same line as the article you mentioned. basically studies show we are that dumb that we would order the french fries! :-)

  4. Cute cutie!
    About the stall...yes...hold on, and waiting for rain in summer. Or waiting for someone to call....Hold on!


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