Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah

I realize it isn't Weigh In Wednesday yet, and I'm a little early...but, I did manage to get my 1# loss. Even tossed in an extra .1# to boot. However, even sticking to the plan and accomplishing what I wanted to do has not alleviated the winter doldrums that have overtaken me. On last night's weather report the weather "person" mentioned that since Dec. 1 we have not had 5 straight days without some sort of snowfall. This week may be the first such week since then. We might just have 5 days without snow. There is also promise of continued sun this week. I'll believe that when I see it. It'll still be cold, but the sun would be a most welcome sight.

Yes, I realize that we've not had the huge amounts of snow that the Mid Atlantic and Eastern Seaboard have had....we had that over Christmas, but still having snow (as everyone can attest) on the ground constantly is a real bummer. This particular year, the snow has turned me into a big, fat chicken!!! With my knee difficulties I am overly cautious about when and where I walk. I even postpone grocery trips if I think the snow will be too packed down and therefor slick. I opted out of church on Sunday because the snow pack in the church parking lot is always slick. To clarify, I am NOT afraid to drive in this stuff, I'm leery about walking on top of it. I shuffle down the driveway to retrieve garbage cans, pick up mail, etc., but walking on the poorly shoveled sidewalks around the shopping areas kinda scare me. I absolutely HATE feeling this way. I can't get my cortisone shot (don't ask me why) until Mar. 25. That's when my knee will go back to feeling semi-normal, and I am anxious for that day. Perhaps that will give me some of my "oomph" back. I feel like I need a trip to OZ to get a dose of courage. I'd ask for a brain, too, but that would be just plain greedy. :)


  1. I think most of the country is ready for the winter to be over! I'm eager to start my hiking season, but would like the temps to get to the mid 40's at least. It has been a colder winter than normal, that's for sure! All we can do is take it one day at a time and pray, pray, pray!

  2. It's so funny- I would rather walk in the snow for an hour than drive on it for 30 minutes! haha oh wow- thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the veggie suggestions!

  3. Thanks for hanging with me, even though my blog is a bit boring on most days.

    I too am ready for some Spring, although we only saw a dusting of snow and a bit of ice, I still don't like getting cold. Us southerners tend to have thin skin when it comes to a bit colder weather.

  4. Just north of you, it's the same here. I hate walking on it, too. Have you tried Yak Tracks? The only problem with those is you ned to take them off in stores. They help a lot, though.

    The snow here has been at or above our mailbox since our Christmas blizzard. Yuck. It's so bright out, though, I have to wear shades. lol

  5. With your knee woes, I think you're wise to be super-cautious!

    Good news about the sunshine though! We have rumors of it tomorrow and I plan to be out in it, if only in my car!


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