Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did Ya Ever??

Let me preface this all by saying I have always considered myself a coordinated person. I was an athlete in high school and college, and until I got married was not accident prone at all. I am not blaming Hubby Dearest for my new found clumsiness, I'm just pointing out that these strange things only began happening to me then. Of course, the case can be made that all of these things happened to me after I gained weight, too. Something to consider.

Did ya ever...go to the mailbox on an icy day, find it frozen shut, give it a "tug" and snap the muscle in your neck? Yep, I did.

Did ya ever...go skiing and make it all the way to the bottom of the run with your arm out straight ahead of you (like sliding into second base) sliding on your side all the way? Right, I did that.

Did ya ever...cough so hard you lost consciousness, fell on the tile floor and knocked a tooth out and bruised your entire face. Good guess, I've done that.

Did ya the Superman stretch in the gym and pull a hamstring? Guilty, your honor.

Did ya ever...jump up out of your chair during a football game to high five someone and snap your butt muscle? Yes, sirreeeee.

Did ya ever...knock yourself in the head with an 8# weight while dancing around the family room? We all know I did this just recently.

These little mishaps all bring me to yesterday's little "oops". Another dancing injury, I might add. While dancing around the house to Chubby Checker and doing the Twist, I had a Rice Krispies moment. My knee did the "Snap, Krackle, Pop" thing. Literally!! First I hear a snap, then the grinding crackle, then last of all the pop of a firecracker going off. Scared the living daylight out of me, I'll confess. Luckily, nothing horrible really happened, I was merely hobbled for a short time, and left with a more pronounced limp than usual. Today, the knee is stiff, but not swollen, thank the Good Lord for that. I was worried I might have done some lasting damage, and since I can't have surgery until the fall, I was a bit frightened. Whew!!

My dancing today was more subdued, and involved less leg action....that means no prancing around. I did a few more regular weights, and did stairs an extra time or two to make up for the lack of prancing. :)

It was Weigh In Wednesday, and I lost .6#. Not to make excuses, but my new Plan did not take effect on a Wed., so I'm not really a full week into it. However, since I've been at a standstill, I'll take the .6 and be happy. I am still planning on my 1# per week, and really think that next week, I'll be right on the button. Yea, ME!!!


  1. OMG! Too funny (the way you write about this stuff, not the fact that you are getting hurt)! Congrats on the scale being down!

  2. I have a few to add.....

    Have you ever been walking and fall off your shoe and break your foot? Yup!

    Did you ever have a book fall off the shelf in the library and hit your nose...breaking it? Ohhh yes!

    Shall I continue? ROFL

    I think I'd be afraid for the two of us to talk side by side down the road!

  3. Jeez, I thought *I* was bad! My worst was simply standing up and pulling a thigh muscle, which I thought was odd, but I see now that I'm a mere amateur. :)

  4. Rough day that -
    Did you catch it from me?

  5. Sorry about the all the injuries sustained - but well written and too funny. At least you are not withdrawing from living life! Best of luck on your journey!

  6. YOu make me laugh! Not at you but with you. I fall off my step on occasion, but that's just not as fun as your stories. (Sorry about that tooth!)

    Hope your knee is okay.

    I like your new plan: I think it's fantastic!


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