Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well!!! I must say, Weigh In Wednesday was not nearly the traumatic experience I was expecting. Having prepared myself for a possible gain, or at best, a very small loss, I was pleasantly surprised this morning with a .8# loss. Now, I realize that this isn't the #1 per week I had set as my goal, but after a "burger lust" I have to say, I'm quite pleased at the moment. I think I might even have achieved the full 1# loss had I not been up at 12:30 in the morning eating an orange and a piece of Laughing Cow cheese. :0 I am quite sure those two little night time nibbles pulled me under the 1# mark.

This nighttime nibble brings up another question. Since I have restless leg syndrome and experience many sleepless nights, I often go downstairs to read. Sometimes, not always, I will have a piece of fruit, a small bowl of oatmeal, or an energy bar as I read. (Used to be leftover pizza, a sandwich, Cheetos, etc.) My question has always been, "What day do I record these foods?" Do I put them on the previous day, or start with them on the upcoming day? I had plenty of room for these items on yesterday's food journal as I try to leave a few calories just for this purpose. I suppose then, that it wouldn't matter which day I record them on, would it? I have those few calories available whichever day I choose. Oh well, I ended up putting them on yesterday's list. I like the feeling of starting fresh each morning.

Speaking of starting fresh....I just received notification that our share of the CSA has been entered into the books and we'll be receiving our boxes of produce again this summer. We have decided to share our share with some friends, so perhaps this year I'll not be overrun with kohlrabi. :) We even went so far as to ask for the extended shares this year. That will give us 4 extra weeks of produce in the fall, and since butternut and acorn squash are two of my favorites, I am excited about that. Now, if we can avoid flooding after all of this snow, the farm will be in great shape, and the crops will do well. Two years ago, after the awful floods, our produce was pretty pitiful, but I guess such are the vagaries of farming. Still, I'm excited to get the season started.


  1. Congrats on the loss, any is good. As for which day to enter your food, I would think anything after midnight would go on the following day, but I've never acually heard that question before. I guess it really wouldn't matter.

    I so wish we had the produce around here. Corn is about the only thing I can get fresh from the farmers without going to the farmers market.

  2. A loss is a loss! Kudos!

    When I'm logging, and on the rare occasions I have a middle-of-the-night snack worth counting, I log half on one day's log and half on another. I figure it doesn't really matter as long as I do the same thing consistently. It's all about averages anyway. :)

  3. Ha ha! I am going to give the opposite advice as to what you've already recieved! I, like you, perder the clean slate int he morning. I am up very late most nights and while I am generally done eating after midnight I do occassionally have something just prior to bedtime. Even if it's three in the morning I put it on that day's list and start anew the next day. Do whatever feel right for you though; that's the key to this all!

  4. Oops! That was supposed to be '...prefer the clean slate in the morning'. Lol!

  5. Hey!!! Congrats on the loss, even with the evil burger, lol. :)

  6. It's good to be pleasantly surprised!

  7. Great news on the loss! Keep up the good work.

  8. ☼☼☼☼☼☼
    VRaz - I thought of you, and this Sunshine Award -
    You've always been very supportive and kind to me!
    Back at 'cha!

  9. Whooohooo! Way To Go on being a LOSER this week. Hey, a great accomplishment, and it's awesome to see a loss when we are expenting the opposite.
    Arn't those little Laughing Cow cheese triangles yummmmy...hehe I just found those about 3 weeks ago (I like the garlic and herb ones)...they are great on Wasa rye or crispbreads.
    Thank you for leaving the comment on my blog today. Believe me, lol, if it weren't for "templates" and stuff...I wouldn't know what went where, lol. If you like the three columns that I have...the wide ones, I don't mind sharing my HTML template with you. The widgets that I have on there, you can remove and then add your own. It easy and i don't mind helping you, if you want. just come on over and let me know:) If you have any ideas on how you want your blog to look, let me know too and I can help you set it up :)

    I just got a new Wii game and I'm about to write about it in my blog...your welcome to check it out.



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