Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Workin' On It

I'm workin' on "The Plan" this week. I kinda goofed up not actually beginning on Weigh In Wednesday, but I can't control when my brain is going to work and when it is going to sit in "Idle". However, in the portion of the week that has passed, I think I'm doing ok. Yes, ok....not great, just ok. For now, I'm going to work with that. Within this past week, I celebrated our granddaughter's 6th birthday and avoided the cake!! I also feel that I ate responsibly when we went to dinner with her, and also the next day at breakfast. I did notice that everything tasted salty to me over the weekend, and that was kinda strange. At first I thought it was just the dinner because everyone else said some parts of their dinners tasted salty, too. Then at breakfast, my entree tasted salty again. Later that day, while watching the Super Bowl, my Edamame & Tofu "hummus" was salty, too.....and I added NO salt to that at all. Odd.

Another random tidbit hit me yesterday. I was listening to the TV while I was sorting laundry, and I heard someone say that lack of sleep can cause carbohydrate cravings. Perhaps that partially explains why I am always foraging for bread products in the afternoon. I don't sleep more than 3 really good hrs. per night, so theoretically I should be craving loaves of bread and piles of pasta, right? Well, truth be told, I am looking for Cheetos by the truckload, but since I have stopped buying them, I have to settle for more mundane carbs. I found this info interesting, but also wondered if I tried really, really hard, could I find a justification for just about any bad craving I might have? I decided that I most certainly could.

My dancing program is going quite nicely. I'm having fun, and find myself laughing quite a lot as I prance dopily around the house. Then, this morning, while reading the paper, I see an ad for a local hospital....they are advertising a "Dance your way to heart health" program. I wonder if they got the idea from me. Should I sue for royalties? I have to admit, I kinda felt a bit of self righteousness when I saw the class advertised. I am just such a trend setter. They are advertising the fact that they will be including all sorts of dances....just like me. They will be playing music from all eras....just like me. They will not be teaching specific moves and dances, except for one session of Irish Step dancing....just like me (kinda). Yep, I think they stole my brilliant "Plan". But being the great humanitarian that I am, I will share this concept with the rest of the city because helping people get heart healthy is where it's at. I am such a giver.


  1. lol, so glad you avoided the cake! I ate a piece at one party this wknd, and skipped it at the party the next day. So glad to hear you're enjoying your dancing! :)

  2. Now see, that's why I like coming here so much. Your generosity knows no bounds! You could have sold the "Plan" for a gazillion dollars and be soaking up sun on the Riviera by now, but you willingly (and graciously, I might add) just handed over the idea for the public good. I'm thinking your name might just pop up around Nobel Awards time. :)

    Good for you for doing "OK", my sister in Cheeto-love. Some days that's all we've got.


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