Monday, February 1, 2010

Danger! Will Robinson!

Dancing is far more dangerous than I ever imagined! Last week, as I was dancing with my weights above my head to "Shout", a weight slipped out of my hand and hit me on the back of my head. Nothing serious, but certainly surprising. Lucky for me it was at the back of my head and fell to the floor behind me, or the darned thing probably would have landed on my foot and busted it. Clutzy, huh? I am not deterred, but I am certainly more cautious now. I'm using far fewer over head moves. I'm leaving those to the regular weight work routines.

We ditched the trip to Indiana over the weekend. The weather reports for about half of our route looked grim, so we decided to stay here, safe and sound. Slightly disappointing, but we are happy we weren't caught in any of the inclimate weather that was out there. Since we did one smart thing (staying here) I guess I gave myself permission to do one dumb thing. I did not track my calories or exercise all weekend. I wasn't really over the top on anything, I simply didn't pay attention. Then, of course, last night I sat down and did the calculations. Not nearly as horrible as it could have been, but I sure could have done better.

This coming weekend is our Granddaughter's 6th birthday party. It should present no significant eating difficulties, so I'm happy about that. It's been a while since we've seen the family in Omaha, so we're really looking forward to that. This week, (snow permitting) I have gifts to find and purchase. I'm armed with a list, so I should be ok. She likes to email, and can open, address, type and send all by herself, so I have an extensive list of items to chose from. :)
I often deviate from her list, but at least she gives me ideas. I, personally, think her father, The Primary Child, should get her an email address of her own so we can communicate privately. Ok, perhaps she's a trifle young for that. :)


  1. I'm a clutz with things like that too. I'm amazed I haven't injured myself seriously from various attempts at exercising. Maybe that's why I like the pool...:)

    Glad you survived the weekend. I made it through without gaining an ounce which is a serious victory. Keep up the great work!

  2. I have to say, your post came at the most perfect time for me. I'm sitting here at work, emotional and trying to pull myself together. So what happens, your post appears on my screen. And as terrible as it sounds, I just started to laugh when I read about the weight falling. (well, after I found out that you were ok). It is soooooo something that would happen to me! (Hello, I'm the one that fell off my shoe and broke my foot).

    Glad that you are safe and sound and didn't get stuck in the weather...from what I saw on the news...good choice to stay home.

    Have fun shopping this weekend!

  3. Glad no toes or feet were involved, that would have been bad. I couldn't help but snicker myself, I would have probably taken out a glass table top or something.

  4. Nice to know you're safe and (relatively) sound!

    Your fellow klutz.

  5. Not too long ago I took a weight lifting class through community education, and it was held in an auditorium style room with "steps" about a yard and a half wide. She had us lifting weights and getting down on mats while we were on the steps! I thought that was the most risky set up in the world!

  6. lol, oh I've done the same thing. I was doing tricep exercises, raising the weight over my head and lowering it behind my head, bonking myself with a 10 lb. weight. Here's the real kicker....the exercises I was doing are called Skullcrushers. :)

  7. Yikes! I'm glad it wasn't a tragic fitness induced injury! I had an unfortunate encounter with weighted maracas in Zumba Toning. Don't ask.


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