Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Short Disclaimer

Lest everyone think that the playlist for my dance party was a playlist I put on my iPod or other listening device....IT WAS NOT!! The songs I partied to are courtesy of my cable TV provider. I just gyrate to what they give me. I am techo challenged so I do not own, nor am I interested in owning, an iPod. I have plenty of CD's and could easily use those, but just clicking on channel 724 (Favorite Oldies) is much easier, and I get a really, really wide variety of oldies but goodies. My musical tastes do not run to "Hey, Hey, Paula" and the like. Just FYI. :) I also have many other channels to chose from, so I'll hop around from time to time, as well.

Today's sock hop was cut short by a nagging pain in my knee. I did get 5 songs in, 2 with weights, so my party was not a total flop. I continued with just weights for the remainder of the time I had allotted for dancing.

Today was Weigh In Wednesday. UGH! Another stand still week....which, of course is better than a gain. Perhaps I did not begin my dance program early enough to produce results. :)

We are off to Indiana this weekend to celebrate HD's sister's 70th birthday. I'd have preferred a trip to Phoenix, but this is what I got instead. It's a cake and ice cream affair, so I'm thrilled about that. I'm not a sweets lover, so abstaining won't be that big a deal, but the celebratory dinner is at an Italian restaurant, so that will be a minefield to negotiate. I know I can do it, so I'm preparing myself in advance. I am also counting on needing an adult beverage, so I'll adjust for that, as well. Then, perhaps the birthday girl and I can do a quick dance for everyone's amusement. Hmmmm.


  1. Yep, the Italian restaurant is a minefield, indeed. Good luck with that!

    As for music, it's all about what makes you want to move!

  2. Oh i love dancing around bee bopping to the tunes :) Good luck at the italian restaurant!

  3. Get pictures of the dancing! (both at home and with the birthday girl!) :-)

    You'll be fine at the Italian Restaurant....go in with your plan and stick to it!

  4. Have a great trip!! Fill up on salad but enjoy your dinner!


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