Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Completing My Project

As promised, I am now completing the project I began yesterday. In addition to Anne H. who got this ball rolling for me, I'd like to thank 266, as well. Because I am lazy, and techno challenged, I am going to take the liberty of combining the two awards and post this list only once. Both of the blog friends are very kind to have thought of me. The following blogs are not the only ones I read or enjoy. Choosing only 10 has proven much more difficult than one would imagine.

Merry Perennial - Beth
Fat Girl Dives In - Tina
40 the new 30 - Teresa
sixty by sixty - Sheilagh
just one inch -Tamzin
Losing Weight - Mary Fran
282.5 -Jo
Chunky Monkey Mama - Gigi
Slim Spirited -Wakati

Good Lord, this was hard!! However, it did provide me with a tutorial for using links! I didn't know how to go back and forth to get the blog names absolutely correct, but I tried to remember the best I could.

It's been said repeatedly, but I would still like to add my voice to the many. The friends I've found here online have been a true delight. I really do feel as tho' I've known many of you for years. I enjoy your "company" each and every day. I don't always respond or email, but I do read. Thank you all for all you do to brighten my day. Mushy, mushy, mushy!! Ok, I'm done now. Thanks!!


  1. Yay for learning new things - about the computer and the bloggers who use them!

  2. I hate having to pick names as i enjoy a lot of blogs :)

  3. OOoh, thank you for doing this! Several of these blogs are new to me! (I love when that happens.)

  4. Thanks for the award, although I'm far from deserving. Not sure what to do, but I'll do my best in a day or so. As Cammy mentioned, I've not read some of those blogs and now I have a few more to check out.

  5. You're so sweet! Thanks! Nice links too :) I will get this up on my blog. I swear!

  6. Wooo hoooo! You did a great job with the links! thanks for the link by the way!


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