Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anyone Get The License Plate Number?

I feel like I've been hit by a truck, and no one reported the hit and run! I simply ache all over, and am completely spent. No, I didn't overdo a damned thing! I just feel crappy. No other real symptoms, either, so I'm discounting the possibility of it being the flu. Plus, I've had all the flu shots allotted to me, so I'd think I would be hard to "catch" by the bug.

Yesterday, we had a "fly by" of the Ruffles bag at noon!! Hubby Dearest decided to come home for lunch, and he loves his Ruffles with his sandwich. I swear, as he poured a small pile onto his plate, one of the chips smirked at me! I resisted the urge to smash the smart ass chip into little pieces, as HD had him clearly in his sights, and the little devil would be gone soon enough. What HD finds so raucously funny about my "Chip Incident", as he calls it, is the fact that the bag of chips is kinda high on a shelf that's out of my reach. In order for me to steal a chip from HIS Ruffles bag, I have to use tongs to grab the bag. He has a mental picture of this event, and it makes him laugh just thinking about it. I've told him not to bother trying to put it up higher, I'll just find longer tongs....but I think perhaps just resisting the temptation altogether is the better option long term. :) Besides, truth be told, I'd much prefer Cheetos!!!

I found yesterday's replies to my query very interesting. Seems I'm not the only one with patterns regarding weigh ins. I am heartened by that. AND, a big thank you to Jo, as she pointed out that clipping ones nails could also contribute to an ounce or two less at weigh in time. I'll be sure and incorporate that into my routine.

This is ridiculous, but just sitting here typing this tiny little post has exhausted me completely. I'm gonna try to hang on and read a few before I fall out of my chair and nap on the floor.


  1. I have a visual now of you doing that :) Gave me my smile of the day!

  2. Feel better soon! Maybe you just need a "cave in" day.

  3. I hope you are have more energy even as you read this! If not.....GO REST!

  4. Shhhhhhh.....sleeep.....sleep....sleep...hope you feel better soon xxxx

  5. I would always clip my toenails before an official weigh-in!

  6. VRAZ
    I left an award for you today on my blog...
    Just to say thanks for all the support and comments!


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