Monday, January 25, 2010

My Mojo Is A Slo-Go

When I was thinking of blog titles the other day, "My Mojo Is A No Go" kinda stuck me as amusing. So, with that in mind, I altered the title a bit and decided to use it. I have put myself back together, and am trying to overcome the doggie downer feelings of winter blues, and get myself back into a routine of some sort. I've done pretty well over the weekend, so I am hopeful that with a dollop of sunshine hither and yon, I'll be back at it full speed in no time. There was a sunshine spotting yesterday morning, so that helped quite a bit. By noon the sun was under a cloud again, but just that little bit of brightness did wonders for my spirits.

I have pulled myself up by my bootstraps, and am working at developing a new, positive, can do attitude. Being notoriously crabby and cranky, this is no easy task. One of the new exercises I have decided to try is dancing!! Ok, the visual of an old, fat, cranky butt dancing around the family room is quite a picture, don't you think? In spite of the humorous vision, I kinda did a trial run yesterday to see if the knee would hold up as I gyrated wildly to the 50's, 60's and 70's music I found on my TV. So far, so good. I'm planning on beginning with 2-4 songs per day, then working my way up to a full concert!! I'm looking at this as my own, personal Zumba program. Remember "The Monkey"? Well, pick up a pair of 8# weights and do that dance for 2 or 3 min. and you've got a dandy little workout. I'll keep you apprised of my progress, and if I get the call from "Dancing With The Stars", you'll be the first to know. :)


  1. The Wife will do that with the kids once in awhile. She loves it! Ever think about getting a Wii Fit? That's another fun way to get some exercise. My $.02.

  2. Hey your off the couch, who cares how you move as long as your moving. Learn some line dances, they are fun and good for cardio.

  3. Dude...I'm right there with you on the weather affecting our moods. Boy, does it ever. Thank God the sun is shining here today. I hope it comes out where you are soon. I think the dancing is a terrific idea...I say let the fat fly! :)

  4. I walk around the room - or stretch every hour (on the hour) for about 2 minutes {when I'm at work and can't leave}
    In a 12 hour shift, I get an extra 30 minutes of movement that I wasn't getting before. Every little bit helps!

  5. Good for you! Richard Simmons is long past getting on my nerves, so maybe you could take over and make some Moving to the Oldies videos. I'd buy 'em. :)


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