Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What A Lovely Day!

Just kidding! It is Weigh In Wednesday, and I've stayed even with the board this week. I'm not surprised, but I am a little disappointed. I think the "fly by" of the potato chip bag kinda made me lose my footing. Just a small blip on the screen, but a blip, nonetheless. Drats!

This week seems to be conspiring against me. Yes, that is a touch of paranoia creeping in here. Yesterday, I called to make an appointment with my ortho-pod for my second cortisone shot. My "due date" was to be Jan. 22, so I figured I'd call, get an appointment and be on my merry, more flexible way. WHOA!!! Imagine my surprise when I was told the earliest I could get in was Mar. 25!! So it looks as tho' I'll be hobbling around for a much longer period of time than I had anticipated. CRAP! At this next appointment, I'm going to schedule both the next cortisone shot AND the knee replacement surgery. I'm hoping to put the surgery off until the week after Thanksgiving. That gets me thru golf season (of course) and football/tailgate season. We'll see how that goes. I'm a bit unsure of my ability to enjoy either of these activities to the fullest.

Next thing....1/2" ice covering everything here. Can't get out to go anywhere. Well, I could, but how dumb would that be? I had planned to take a day for myself and go to Barnes & Noble, get a coffee (full caffeine, too) sit in an easy chair and thumb through as many books as I wanted. Now, I'm relegated to my own easy chair with books I already own. Pfffft. Yes, I know, I could be riding the bike an extra few minutes, or doing the dreadmill, or lifting weights......but damn it, I wanted to go to B & N!!! I'm feeling very sorry for myself.

In order to pretend to be productive, I'll resume the sorting and calculating in my recipe folder. At least my hands will be active.


  1. Be careful and don't slip on the ice like i did yesterday :)

  2. Poor, poor V. Bereft without her B&N. I'm so, so sorry for you!

    I'm stuck home with the plumber (who is as cute as a pumpkin and about as bright as one), and I've been surfing the B&N bookstore in anticipation of spending my Christmas gift certificates.

    Enjoy your day, however you spend it!

  3. Wow! then the "just kidding!"
    Active hands count for something, don't they?

  4. I hate "those kinds" of days. I hope you manage okay without your shot and that your ice melts! Hang in there!

  5. I try to kid myself by reading (my favorite passtime) while I'm on the exercise bike. But it just isn't the same...part of the enjoyment is nestling down in a comfy chair or on the couch with a blanket tucked in around me......but I try! It does make the time go faster though!

  6. Getting the ice here too. One of the cars is parked outside and boy would that be a job to scrape off tomorrow morning if we were going to use it. I find I can ride the bike a lot longer if I'm reading or watching a show.

  7. Nothing more relaxing than hanging out in B&N with a cup of coffee in one hand and a good book in the other. I hope you get to do that soon. :)

  8. Sorry the day wasn't what your were hoping for, but at least you got to relax at home!


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