Friday, January 8, 2010

My Potential New Blog

I am contemplating a new blog..."How to Make The Most of Your Curse Word Collection". Believe me I have an extensive collection and am not afraid to use it!!! In the past few days, the great knowledge I have amassed in that area has come in mighty handy. My problem with starting this new blog is that I don't know what category it might fall into. It's not a Health & Fitness topic, it's not an Arts & Literature topic....just where would it fit in the blogosphere? Until I figure that out, I'll just continue with this blog, and work on expanding my vocabulary even further.

I am totally looking forward to Sunday! The temperature is supposed to rise to nearly 20º that day. Can Spring be far away with temps that high? As The Primary Child wrote on Facebook yesterday, "It's NOT me, Winter, it IS YOU!" A great break up line, isn't it? I want to break up with Winter, too. (Insert curse word here.)

In spite of my fierce dislike for this Frigidaire I'm currently being subjected to, I am getting things done. One downside, I realized this morning. If one leaves one's laundry in the dryer overnight, one's underwear is freezing cold in the morning. A real eye opener!! My buns are just now warming up. I have been concentrating on my foods of late. I'm still working on my recipes and calculating calories for old favorites. I read today in the paper that most of the calorie counts provided on food labels and in restaurants can be as much as 18% less that what is actually in the food!! Yikes! That adds up. Frozen entreès are about 8% off in their calorie counts. So now, with that info in hand (add curse word here) I will have to be more vigilant. Luckily, I don't eat a whole lot of these frozen entreès any more, so I'm not too worried. However, I'm really trying to be as accurate as I can with my own calculations.

Haven't exercised yet today. I think I'm just waiting for my underwear to warm up, and then I'll be on my bike peddling my a** off. Can't decide if I want to do more than that. I'm kinda feeling the lethargy again today. I will get something done in the exercise department, I just don't have a plan yet today.


  1. enjoy reading you blog post. just started a 212 lbs journey myself and have a blog you might want to check out..

    The more people who are watching me the better chance of me staying on track


  2. I just said to a customer last night that asked how i was, i said great the only thing that could be better is if it was summer :) Great minds think alike!

  3. Shhhh - don't tell my teen but I love to curse. It's so liberating - unless directed at the police, of course.

    Hope things warm up in your neck of the woods soon. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hope your undies warm up soon. Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. Excellent idea for a blog... lol!

  6. Oooh, if you need a guest writer for your new cursing blog, let me know! (I would categorize it as 'mental health'.)

    I, too, am ready to warm up. Underwear hasn't frozen yet, but I'm afraid for the parts it covers. Brrrrr....

    Thinking warm thoughts for you!

  7. I almost screamed with joy when I looked at our extended forecast. Temps in the 20s? In January! Oh joy!!! WE'll be wearing shorts. lol Not really. 30 degrees warmer--sounds wonderful!

    I'll follow your new blog when you start it. I love curse words. When my son was little, I had to give him a dime every time I said one. He's filthy rich. Just kidding, but he did make a couple dollars each year. ;-)

  8. Well fine. Be that way. Make me feel bad.
    Here I am, trying to psych myself up to ride the bicycle in the 45 degree weather, and you come along with your 20s. Hmph.
    And enough with the swear words already. There's too much @#!$ profanity out there already, damn it!


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