Monday, January 11, 2010

OMG!! I See Concrete!

Yippee Skippee!!! That means with the slight warming trend that is on tap for this week, I may be able to carve a lane on the walking path behind us!! Temps are gonna get into the 30's this week, so I am hopeful that my walk may be an outdoor one by week's end. That little patch of concrete I see, has given me renewed hope. I'll just have to be careful of the re-freeze that happens overnight. But I'm beyond ready.

In spite of my b'day week, and celebrating with friends on Friday night, I think I'm right on target for my food this week. I even planned my dinner out before hand, calculated my possible alcohol intake, and made adjustments to meet my caloric goal. I felt pretty damned good about that. I was actually 10 calories under my allotment. And yes, I knew that because I was faithful about my food journal. I learn slow, but at least I learn. :)

Speaking of journaling and calories, I have had to adjust my daily calorie count to take into consideration the fact that my exercise is not as vigorous as it once was. I've shaved off a couple hundred calories per day to take that into account. Seems to be working, so I'm not going to go any lower for now. Everything is adjustable, so I'll decide as I go along. For now, I think I'm pretty close to being on target.

Perhaps the concrete that has peeked through the snow will beckon me to walk, and my mood will elevate. A bit of sunshine sure goes along way these least for me. I know Spring is still a long way off, but some brightness is quite a delight after so many dark, dreary days. I am even hopeful that we might be able to grill this week. Now THAT is optimism! We do grill quite a bit in the winter, but not when there is 30" of snow on the ground. Hubby Dearest has cleared the deck of snow, so we can get out to the grill if need be, but it's just been too dad gummed cold!

I guess with the rising temps, my new curse word blog will have to be put on hold. I might even put the socks away, too!! Not quite time to shave my legs, but it's getting close. :)


  1. Oh shoot. I was counting on that curse blog so that I might show off a little. :)

    We're having a veritable heat wave here--it's supposed to 50F later this week. Break out the crop pants!

  2. They tell me shoveling snow burns off loads of calories.

    I can't tell you what I tell them in return, as there might be ladies present.

    I hope you get a real sun break soon!

  3. Yay, for the warming trend! I hope you get to walk outside in the sun a little. Good for you for journaling. It really does help :) I've started keeping track again myself.

    When is your b-day? Mine is Friday :)

  4. I saw back deck this morning. Can't wait for flip flops! :)


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