Friday, February 19, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

I'm talking to you, Mr. Weatherman!!! "No snow for 5 days in a row" you said with great conviction. Bah, humbug. Gonna snow 2-4" today. "Sun's going to be around a while" you claimed. Not so....gone today. Three sunny days is all we got. You have ruined my perfectly delightful week.

Truthfully, my week is going just fine, and I'm quite pleased with myself at the moment. My exercise is not exactly what I would like, but there are no excuses for that. I am just plain, flat out, being lazy. As a matter of fact, in my Food Journal I am now making notes regarding my excuses for not exercising properly, not eating the right things, and not drinking enough water. I then look at those excuses the next day and realize how ridiculous they all sound. AND, since my exercise has been "off", I have adjusted my calories accordingly. Prior to this, I'd just keep on with my usual calories and figure I'd make up the difference later....and we know how well that always works. Like not at all.

I have also begun talking to myself. But worse than that, I'm answering!! I am trying to motivate myself with positive "self chat". I make myself laugh when I begin my discussions, but eventually I get down to the nitty gritty. I feel lots better about doing this now that I've seen one of the USA women's snowboarders singing to herself before each run. I'm thinking talking to myself is almost the same....right?right!! Right now I'm telling myself that I need to eat slower and enjoy my meals more. I know that when I eat fast, I can't tell when I'm actually full, so I continue eating until I feel full. Generally that feeling hits way, way after I've had too much of everything. That's kind this week's challenge. I'm thinking of giving myself a challenge of some sort each week to go along with the goal of a 1# loss. I have to be careful, tho'. I don't want to overdo and work too hard.....remember??? I'm lazy!!


  1. Just remember, Spring is right around the corner. Hey if noone sees or hears you talking and answering yourself, then your good.

  2. It actually sounds like you are making a lot of mental progress right now. :)

  3. And what would make you believe a weatherman! lol

    You're thought processes sound reasonable and a way to keep you on the right path.

  4. Can you sue the weatherman? Just a thought. And a possible source of additional income. :) it might be difficult to prove a loss though, what with you motoring through in such
    good style.

  5. Yeah, my weatherman's an idiot, too. :)

    And I'm soooo relieved to hear that I'm not the only goofball that talks to AND answers herself!!! :)

  6. We are twins again for sure.
    I figured it all out today.
    5 months of not sleeping, constant working, and looking everywhere.
    This very day, it all made sense to me.
    I guess I listened to what was really there.
    And the weather - ba humbug!


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