Friday, May 22, 2009

The Daze Of The Weak

Since beginning my health journey, my week has begun revolving around Weigh In Wednesday. So last night (or early morning) when I couldn't sleep, I began thinking about what has become the "Daze of my Weak". Yes, we all know I'm a weakling when it comes to resisting a few caloric traps, hence the name of my new week. My temptations have been well documented in this blog, so I won't reiterate them now. :)

It all begins with Weigh In Wednesday. 'Nuff said. This day speaks for itself. Good or bad, it is the beginning of my week.

Next we have Try Again Thursday. Also known as "Re-committment Redux". This can go either way. I can try to repeat a really good week, or I can be trying to recommit to my plan. Naturally, I always hope it is the former.

Then comes Farmstand Friday. This is the day that my fresh produce is delivered and I have a wonderful surprise waiting for me. I always get excited when I look inside the box and see what fresh goodies I'll be cooking with this week. This only applies May thru October, so I'll have to rename Friday after Halloween.

The most dangerous day, Slippery Slope Saturday, comes up now. This is another day that can go one of two ways. The slippery slope being one that I fall down when over indulging in some of my after golf "treats"....a.k.a. bar food and adult beverages. With a little extra planning, I can overcome this as a rule. I really do try to plan this cuz I know what can happen without a little foresight.

Sadly, Sober Up Sunday, follows. This isn't really what it sounds like. It is more a day when I realize I have kinda screwed up and have to "right the ship", so to speak. (I am one of those really lucky people who do not get hangovers, so sobering up in that way, usually isn't an issue.)

Make Up For It Monday pops up on the calendar now. This is the day when I get myself in gear to try and make up for the weekend's slip ups. I up the exercise and cardio if necessary. I have Weigh In Wednesday in my sights, and I might not be liking what is on the horizon. Time to kick myself in the butt and get goin'.

Last, we have Turn It Up Tuesday. This is a little bit like the "Last Chance Workout" on BL. It is the last day before I weigh in and I am often behind the eight ball to get things working to my advantage. It is also a golf day, so if I don't really mess up, I can use those extra calories I burn at golf to my advantage.

So this is now how I calculate the "Daze of the Weak". Each day connects to the weigh in someway, somehow. All in all, I guess I'm glad my week begins on Wednesday because then I have before and after to get myself back into the groove. However, I now wonder if I am putting too much emphasis on the Wednesday Weigh In. I'm trying to actually focus on the health benefits I'm deriving from exercise and proper eating habits and not on the weight loss, but weight loss is certainly high on my list of priorities. But long term health and well being is at the very top of the list. At what point do I worry about my focus? Because of my "Daze", have I shifted my priorities or have I just shifted?


  1. Daze of the weak - too funny! It really helps to have a map when we wander off the reservation. This one's right up my alley. Hope you're back in top form for Wednesday.

  2. If it works, don't change it. I'm an adult beverage person myself. I try to keep them to a very minimum though.

    Oh, to have fresh produce brought to my door. What fun that could be. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the description of your week! :-) I think a lot of us can identify with your week!

    For a while, my 'weekends' were Sundays and Mondays. I then weighed in on Tuesdays....that made me stay on track through those weekend/off work days!

  4. I love your Daze of the Weak - you are punny!

    Weigh-in on Weds suits me too and while I am so overweight, I know I need to see losses in order to get healthy, so I am happy with that for now.

    I can imagine lots of great new names for the Daze when you are at goal (and focussing on healthy), too!

  5. My "Daze of the Weak" go pretty much like yours. I weigh in on Wednesdays too.

  6. That was very cute and clever! Made me smile!

  7. What a creative way to look at your days, er, daze!

    I think it's possible to do both: focus on health and fitness first, but use the WWI as a benchmarker. I get into trouble when I start attaching too much importance to the WI. If I look at it as a moment in time only, and return to my focus on health, then I do fine.

    Except when I'm on vacation. :)

  8. You need a section on the right of your blog for your top ten posts, ann this one goes at the top! I just love "Turn it up Tuesday" being compared to Last Chance Workout!


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