Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Turn It Up Tuesday", MY FOOT!

Well, it might be named "Turn it Up Tuesday", in my Daze of the Weak, but nothin's gettin' turned up right now. My right knee (the one that is still original equipment) is swollen and stiff. I had been having such good luck with it not acting up I had forgotten that it was my bad knee. Damn!! So I am having to alter my cardio slightly today. Instead of a stroll on the "dreadmill", I'll take a leisurely bike ride on the recumbent.

And believe me, I'd best be getting that cardio in, cuz The Perfect Child has already done two days of 30 min. +. However, I do have a nice cushion on points in the challenge. I am currently up by +4.845 points. That will not allow me to rest on my laurels (a.k.a. my big fat arse) but it does give me a chance to get my knee to recuperate a bit.

All in all, my extended weekend was really a good one. Three days of golf, and one day included a long walk at the Farmers' Market. Yes, I did go to the Farmers' Market even tho' I had my CSA delivery on Friday. I heard the week before that a vendor had morel mushrooms for sale at the market, and I HAD to find that guy. I DID!!! I had the most wonderful plate of morel mushrooms ever. I remember them so fondly from my childhood, and they were every bit as good as I recalled. Might have over stepped on the caloric count, but it was worth every calorie I spent. After all, that was the day I worked off the equivalent of 650 calories. It was worth the splurge, believe me.....AND I have absolutely no regrets for going over my 1500.

I now am quite sure my brain might be shrinking!! I am not, by nature, a hypochondriac, but today in the paper I read that people "of a certain age" could be losing brain size because their vitamin B-12 intake is not sufficient. I am concerned because, along with being in the age group at "risk", I figure over the course of time, I've killed many a brain cell with alcohol, too. I think it's kind of a minor miracle I can converse in a coherent manner now. With this new info, I'm worried that in a year or two I might not be able to count my calories by myself. Very troubling, I must say. :)

Now, armed with what might be diminished brain power, I am off to do my daily chores. I certainly hope I can remember what they are.


  1. My vote is for you this week!
    Now as far as the diminished brain power i can't remember what i just read, going back to read it again.
    What? i still can't remember. To heck with it, have a great day and hope the knee is better soon :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your knee! Glad to hear you had a great weekend though!

  3. Hope your knee is on the mend soon.

    Losing brain size? Maybe we should hang out together.

  4. Is it time for another titanium insert?

  5. Oh, dear Lord, I hope not. I'm putting that off as long as possible.

  6. Take care of that knee V.

    I once hear someone say "I have two brain cells left, and one is waving bye to the other." I have wondered if I have many more than that at times.

    But about the B12, didn't you tell me you like sardines? They are a great source. If you eat fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products, you are probably doing just fine. And even mushrooms have some B12! But I am saving the best for last...supposedly beer even has a trace of B12!!

    No V, if your writing and wit are any indication of your brain power, you have nothing to worry about!!

  7. I am with Patty - ain't nothing wrong with your brain cells!

    Hope a rest helps your knee, hmmm, if you get a new one, how about getting a bionic one, so you can beat PC with ease?

    Oh, and looking up again at Patty's comment, beer has B12 - hoorah! What about G&T, surely that must be full of some goodness, huh? huh?

  8. That Patty is so smart. I didn't know any of that about B12.

    Good for you for recognizing the need to take care of that knee!

  9. Ooh, I love Farmer's Markets!

    So I eat blueberries and lots of other healthy things, and take a b-complex supplement just in case, and eat fish oil etc, etc, and my memory is still crap. I guess it would be that much worse if I subsisted on twinkies and diet coke?

  10. So sorry to hear about your "real" knee. Hope it gets better soon.

    I love morel's. I noticed when we went to a local restaurant they were putting them in some of thier dishes. My neighbor goes out and picks them every spring so I usually get to enjoy them at their house but this year they were sparse.


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