Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Me!!!

I don't often say that, either. However, today was my lucky day!! It is, as you may recall, Weigh In Wednesday. My "sins" of the past week did catch up with me, but did not slap me in the face like I thought they would. I was only up .2# this morning. Hurray for cardio and golf!!! To say I'm excited about this would be understating things just a tad. Having prepared for pounds added to my already "fluffy" exterior, this small addition was like Christmas in May!! Now, I really am going to buckle down and try to get my behinder ender back on the right track. I promise!! Really I do.

Yesterday, I made a real effort to get myself back into the right "groove", and I think I did a pretty good job. Plus, I even managed to get a left over or two out of the freezer to make room for some more of my culinary experiments. Hubby Dearest LOVES those. I forgot to mention that I made another dish out of those Tofu Shirataki Noodles, and he ate that too!!! He even saw the noodles draining, knew what they were, and ate two helpings of the Turkey Noodle Casserole. Can't remember the actual name of the recipe, just that HD ate it and it had the Tofu noodles in it!! I have to give him credit for the adventures he's been willing to go on with me. He's been a trooper!! See, again, Lucky ME.

I have to record my cardio later in the day, as I am now rushing to post and read before my Internet repair guy comes to replace my modem......again!!! Just a reminder, if Mediacom ever comes to your neck of the woods...."Just Say No" !!! So tomorrow I'll post my cardio time. I am also calculating my golf cardio in minutes just for my own personal edification. Don't worry, PC, I'll not be begging you for extra credit. :)

Back to the doom and gloom of rain and thunderstorms. No outdoor activity today. Possible severe weather later today. Got all the planters and patio furniture battened down, cuz winds are supposed to be quite high today. Don't want to be chasing furniture all over the neighborhood. I am, however, kinda worried about my upside down tomatoes and the pepper plants. Hope they are strong enought to take the wind that's coming.


  1. Glad to hear the gain wasn't a biggy.

    Hope your tomato plants make it too, remember you're supposed to share some with me :o)

  2. Hope the weather's not as bad as predicted. Good news that the gain wasn't big. Keep on golfing - it's so fun it never feels like exercise.

  3. So glad to hear you didn't have a big gain! .2 is nothing a good pee won't fix ;)

    I would love to play golf one day but I'm so short I think I would need kids clubs. We get a neighborhood discount at the not-so-fancy golf club next to East Lake. Sounds like it's great exercise and I'm really getting into it on TV! Don't know if it's part of getting old or just because of where I live!

    Hope your weather is okay and that your plants survive!!

  4. I thought you'd come out o.k this week :) Probably burned some calories answering all my questions!! Hope the weather stays away.

  5. Merry Christmas!! It didn't sound like you sinned bad enough to gain too much.

    "Crud" about the weather, V. I hope it isn't to safe!

  6. Hey, .2 ain't so bad! All that exercise - you can get away with murder, lol!

    And hurry back to Scotland - nice and sunny here today! Heh-heh!

  7. Good job on all the exercise. You can do it.


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