Friday, May 8, 2009

Well, Crud!! I Lost My Post!!

Have to post an addendum to my previous post. My computer wouldn't let me back in to the post to add my last item of interest. I would like to pass on the blogger award to the following five bloggers.

A Mountain of Weight to Lose. Deborah at has been an inspiration with her mountain of weight lost. I'm always interested in her pictures and her descriptions about her life on a mountain. She is also the person who introduced me to Fitago.

Fat Girl Dives In. Tina and I seem to share some of the same difficulties in our weight loss endeavors. always amusing, and always interesting. I feel a certain compatibility with someone working so hard, yet stumbling once in a while.

Fattie McButter Pants. I'm certain Amy has already had may blogger awards, but just the name of her blog makes me laugh. She is always funny, and always has something that makes me think.

These last two are actually like choosing between your children....because they ARE my children and are the ones who inspired me to become a blogger.

The Primary Child. RazzZDoodle is a runner, but don't hold that against him. His posts are funny, and they make me laugh. I think he would prefer that I not publish comments, but sometimes I just cannot resist the temptation.

Once again, thanks to Patty for making me chose 5 blogs. It wasn't easy, but I got it done. I certainly wish I could have chosen you ALL.

The Perfect Child. She is the one who actually talked me into blogging. You can either thank her OR curse her. :) While she is not a regular poster, her posts are funny and tracking our cardio challenge should prove even more amusing, and perhaps a bit of smack talkin'.


  1. Thank you so much! I can certainly use 2! I'm sure there will be a lot of repeats since we all love each other so much :) Thanks for the kind words. We can continue to stumble along together!!

  2. Thanks! I expect my award FedExed in the mail. Right? RIGHT???? :)

  3. Now how would it look to everyone if I didn't accept your 31 minutes of cardio? I'd look like a big bully - I know you planned it this way. Yes, your 31 minutes are good by me. I shouldn't be surprised by a potty break when competing with someone of your age. :) P.S. So typical that Primary Child wants a gift.

  4. I knew this was gonna be good! :-)

  5. Two more things...I really didn't say enough about how much I enjoy your blog and love all your comments! I just ran out of words trying to put the whole thing together! And on top of that, did you realize that you were the recepient of this award twice? Spunkysuzi gave it to you too!

  6. Thanks for the award. Will continue the cycle in a few days. Got other things on my mind to blog about today and tomorrow.

    Love the upside down planter thingy. Be sure and let us know how the upside down really works. I've seen them advertised and wondered if I could actually get something to grow for a change but I'm afraid that my black thumb wouldn't even work with that kind of trick.

  7. Congrats on the award. Well deserved. I'll be interested in know how your tomatoes grow. Have a great weekend.


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