Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Admit It, I'm A Copy Cat!!!

Once again, I have stolen another blogger's good idea and used it myself. First, I pilfered Suzi's idea of question day, and now I've stolen the idea of changing the appearance of my blog. This template had the word "Tequila" in it, so I was really kinda drawn into this change by fate. :)... You know, given my weakness for adult beverages now and again. I may change the look again soon, who knows? For now, I'm quite enamored with this template, so I'll be using it for the time least until with the words "Gin & Tonic" in the title of another one pop up.

The Cardio Challenge goes on. Yesterday, in my haste to get the stupid "Internet fixer upper" in and out of here, I didn't post my time on the dreadmill. I will do so today.

The lighting is very odd down here in our "gym", but the odometer reads 35:23. I got going on the darned thing after the Internet numskull left, and before you know it I had gone 35+ min. at a fairly decent clip and at a steeper incline than before. Meaning, I forgot to change the settings from when Hubby Dearest last used the "dreadmill". Oops!! Oh well, at least I got it in yesterday. Today is a golf day, so I'll be out and about for a little "walk & whack" this afternoon.

Hubby Dearest is out of town 'til Fri., so my time to experiment with food is NOW!! These are always the opportunities I take to try stuff he'd never allow any where near his plate. What did I do instead? Nothing bad, but nothing interesting, either. I tried to clean up a few single serving leftovers from the freezer. Nothing bad for me, just small servings that had been left over from previous dinners. However, tonight that's gonna change. I'm going to fix myself something weird from the "200 under 200" cookbook. I haven't quite decided on my actual choice yet, but I'll stop and pick up whatever I don't have on hand after golf, and enjoy whatever strange thing I concoct....not that the recipes in the book are odd or weird, they just contain ingredients one does not always stock in the pantry or freezer. I certainly meant no disrespect to the cookbook at all, because I love it.

We did not get any of the predicted storms yesterday, thank goodness. They went south of us and did cause some problems across the border in Missouri. We had only rain and a little wind. Certainly not the high winds we were told to expect. Gotta love those weather people, don't ya? So now all of my flowers, veggies & herbs have been given a good soak, I can rest today. All are looking good, too, I might add. Given my "black thumb" having plants look healthy after this length of time, is a very good thing. I'm rather proud of myself. I even snipped some basil for my caprese breakfast sandwich this morning. Very tasty.

I'm looking forward a visit this weekend from The Primary Child and his family. We haven't seen the two grand kids for a while, so it will be fun to play with them. The oldest, a 5 yr old, will be staying with us for an extra day or two. I always have fun when she's around. I'm making big plans to do fun stuff. Hope The Perfect Child will let me count my pedometer miles towards the Cardio Challenge, because running after, and with, a 5 yr. old, is, in itself, a Cardio Challenge. Ya listening, PC???


  1. I have to go buy that cookbook. I keep forgetting about it. Have fun with your concoction.

  2. and for 24 hours, you could probably DOUBLE your ped miles with Doodle #2

  3. Doodle #1 is a very busy 5 year-old, so your pedometer miles will be welcome next week. Nice job on the "dreadmill"! I need to get my rear movin' or else I'm in trouble this week. Maybe tomorrow. :)

  4. Enjoy your time with family. I'm excited to have grandkids some day far, far away. (My son is only 13, let's give him at least a decade!)

    I have changed my blog skin about five or six times since starting the blog. I finally have the skin I like, I just need to tweak the header. I love the look of your blog.

    Enjoy trying new foods. I have that book, too, but haven't tried anything yet. Maybe my hubby will leave town so I can experiment, too.

  5. Good thing you've been exercising - that little one will give you a run for your money. Sounds like it will be a fun time for you.

  6. Awesome job! Have fun with your cooking experiments. And I can relate to the black thumb thing. I'm never good with plants. I even killed a CACTUS! ;-)

  7. Great dreadmill action there - have fun with the little 'un.

    Did someone mention G&T?

  8. You are doing great with the treadmill and challenge!

    Have fun with your eating/cooking experiments!

  9. Great job with the exercise!!

    I think I have stolen everything about my blog from another I'm a copy cat too! Love the new look!

    I can relate to the leftovers from the freezer. Makes it hard to count calories, especially when I was trying to get rid of leftovers when I made the original meal. (That's not very appetizing, is it?)


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