Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Hour "Techie"

Well, this is kinda out of order, but at least I got both pictures posted. This is our Dwarf Louisa Crabapple tree/contorted. And yes, it is contorted, so we are training it to wrap around the posts of our deck. We have some clean up and some river rock to replace, but at least the trees are in the ground. As you can also see, I have work to do on my picture placement skills here in the blogosphere. I'll work on it.

After only two hours of trying to figure out how to liberate this picture of our Dwarf Japanese Lilac, I finally did it!!! Now in another 2 hours or so, I'll have the crabapple trees online as well. Taking the pictures with the crackberry was the easy part. Finding where I stored these darned things was my problem. Ok, now back to the files.....time me, I'll be back. I'd also like to mention that the crackberry was on a slant, the tree is not. :) I should also mention we have a better looking downspout now, too. :)

A technical whiz I am not.....clearly.


  1. At least you can find your files. Mine could be anywhere, and I just have a plain ol' flip phone. I just learned how to put my pictures straight on my computer from my camera, yesterday. I feel smart just knowing I figured that one out. LOL

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. What is that green stuff on the that grass? We don't have anything like that around here after several years of droughts. Nice trees. I need to replace one in our front yard and I am considering a crab apple. They are so pretty and one of hubby's favorites. But I have never seen one like yours!

  3. lovin' that lush green grass :)

  4. Love the trees! And that grass looks so soft!

  5. That contorted tree is fascinating. Will it really grow around that post? How long will it take?

    I just realized you are in Iowa! I was raised in NW Iowa (Storm Lake, Denison, Cherokee...Dad worked for Safeway and we got transferred around that area). I actually went to business school in Des Moines in the 1970's. I think it was called AIB. Ah, memories!


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