Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's Gettin' Easier

Well, it is getting easier for me to find my pictures. The quality of the picture isn't improving, but my retrieval timing is. Today's entry is 33.07 min. on the recumbent bike.
While I am still lagging behind, and The Perfect Child is still a few minutes ahead of me, I'm trying to catch up. I'll do it with frequency, perhaps not quality. :) After a rules clarification discussion last night, I was given the option of using my pedometer while I golf to add to my total. Great!! I can hear you all saying...not so fast, my friends. I need a new battery first. So for a day, the additional implement will have to sit on the shelf and wait. Hence my trek to the downstairs family room and the recumbent bike. I kinda like sitting on my big, fat arse and just peddling mindlessly while watching "Good Morning America".

After getting my herbs planted yesterday, I toyed with the idea of cheating the Iowa weather and putting out my tomatoes 4 days early. "Never before Mother's Day" is the common answer I've gotten when asking the experts when is the earliest possible date for planting them. I am a risk taker, so I think I'll put them out tomorrow!! I know, tempting the fates, but hey, I'm crazy like that. :)

I also did something different exercise-wise yesterday. Since we have two sets of stairs (15 steps each) in the house, I did 3 series of both sets, twice. That was kinda new and different, so I may incorporate it into the repertoire. If I'd had the use of my pedometer, I could probably have counted this effort.....but alas!!! I cannot.

I would talk about my eating yesterday, but I really only want to talk about that which preceded 7:00 pm. That's when I went off the deep end. Mindless nibbling is what it was. A dry roasted peanut here, a small bagel there, you'd have thought I forgot to cook a lovely dinner. Which, may I add, we had just finished!! It was so foolish of me, and the guilt was horrendous. Why is it the guilt portion of these events doesn't really kick in until way after you've totally messed up? It would be so much better if the guilt would hit at least one bagel or one Pringles earlier. Damn!!


  1. V, the one time I am still having a problem with is the evening, not after dinner, but while I am preparing it. Just a nibble here,and another there ... all the while a little voice saying "You really shouldn't, you have to put that in your food log." And another voice saying "Oh yeah? Are you gonna make me? No one can see me eating it, so bite me!"

    Good job on the workout!!

  2. I so know the feeling. Well, don't feel alone. We just have to except it and move on. We WILL do better today.

  3. It's so hard not to snack after dinner. Lately I've been trying to keep myself busy after dinner but I can easily ruin a whole day with a few snacks at night. It's that damn TV I swear!

  4. I love the recumbent bike as a form of exercise and the pedometer will be a great incentive to beat her with, heh-heh. Oh, and the addition of the stairs to your stair work is pure genius.

    I tell ya, post 7pm is my danger time too. I think I shall start to go to bed at 7.30 if this keeps up!

  5. It's funny - I have absolutely no problem with not eating after dinner - but most days there's a period between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon where that's all I want to do. It takes all of my (limited) willpower to stick with the planned snack and not go on a carbohydrate binge.

  6. I'm fine until that first nibble. That seems to want to open the floodgates.

    Great idea to incorporate the steps!

  7. Hey V, check my blog when you get a chance!

  8. I've done the early tomato planting thing too and discovered a little trick. If you get frost some morning, run out before the sun comes up and sprink/water the plants to get the frost off before the sun comes up. According to somethig I read some where a looooonnnngggg time ago when I did this same thing, it's the sun melting the frost that damages the plants. I had to do that and it worked wonders. I had a bumper crop of tomatoes, well, at least I did until we went on vacation and came home to find that the deer had eaten all of them.


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