Friday, March 20, 2009

Another day, another dilemma

After announcing my plans to walk rather than consume the Devil's 100 calorie packs in multiples of two, I feel it only fair to admit that yes, I did walk, but I gave in to temptation after dinner instead. So now, my dilemma is still how to use these little morsels wisely. I know I should, I know I can, and yet I don't. And what really irks me is that the entire day I behave myself, make good choices, make healthy choices and then at 7:00 last night I'm almost to the finish line (bedtime at 10:30) and I break down. Darn it all!! Even having my "cheat" I still stayed within my caloric acceptable range, but I cannot stand the fact that I am acting so weak willed.

This morning, to reward myself for being such a weenie, I went out and got myself two new diet cookbooks. Naturally, the Biggest Loser Family Cookbook was one of them. I had the first cookbook from a few years ago and had just dusted it off. I have found several recipes in there that I have used, or am going to use, so why not expand my cookbook collection with their latest edition. Hubby Dearest has made reference, more than once, to the HUGE number of cookbooks I possess, so I'm sure he will be delighted that I've added two more. I DO have to admit I probably have more cookbooks than one person should own, but geez I actually read them.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, Hubby Dearest and I are going to walk to our favorite breakfast place. I'm hopeful the walk will wear off the breakfast I am planning on having. We go there every Sat. morning we're in town, and I always get one of the same three things. Lately, I have been trying to pick my breakfasts more carefully, so I sat down one day and added up the calories in each of my three favorites. If I "budget" lunch and dinner carefully, I can enjoy a lovely morning meal. Now that we can walk to and fro, I'll feel even better about my little indulgences. I think the walk is about 3 miles total.

Joy of joys!!! The golf course is open!! Now if my friends would just get off the couch and go out with me all would be right with the world. Next week is supposed to be rainy, but tomorrow might be a good bet. I'm absolutely sure I could talk Hubby Dearest into going out for 18 holes tomorrow. He's as crazy about golf as I am. Rain takes over until Thurs., so that may be my next opportunity to play again. Might hit balls on the range between rain drops.

Happy Weekend To All.


  1. For me honestly i can't have 100 calorie packs around. They are too much of a trigger!!
    Good luck on the golfing :)

  2. Walking to breakfast seems like a great idea!!!

  3. I can totally 100% understand where you are coming from. I am such a weak kneed yellow livered wimp when it comes to resisting food.

    Here is my advice. Save the calories each day. And make that your treat at the end of the day. A reward so to speak. I've done this off and on and it really does work. It helps keep me on target the whole day because I REALLY want that treat (whatever it is) so I want to make sure I have the points/calories at the end of the day. I find that if I do that for a bit, suddenly I find that I don't need it all the time at night. So I use this trick off and on.

    And yes, some people are going to scream bloody murder because I'm using food as a reward...but hey, I'm a food speaks. And my rewards are closely monitored! (by making sure that I have enough in my food budget for that treat).

    Goood luck!

  4. Wish I could practice what I preach. So since I can't, all I can say is I know what you mean about not being able to resist the goodies.

    When I stopped buying the 100 cal. snacks I compensated with cinnamon toast. Good whole wheat toast with a little light butter and sprinkled with a dusting of Splenda and cinnamon. It really helped the sweet tooth but didn't do anything for the chocolate craving.

    I think the walk to and fro the breakfast treat will help a whole lot. Good idea.

  5. Ugh, I know what you mean, it's so frustrating when I can't control myself and I indulge in those snacks. It's not like I didn't have calories for them, but I want to be in control! Food should have no power over me! haha

    If you ever find the secret, let me know. =) Nice to meet you! Thanks for checking out my blog and sorry it took so long for me to drop by to say hi.


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