Thursday, March 5, 2009

Decisions, decisions

I am pondering options today. Do I want to email friends and family with the information regarding this blog or not? Will some of these friends and family members think I am insulting them by insinuating that they, too, need to adjust their diets and excercise routines? Will they think I'm being critical of them? Might they even laugh at me for trying this "blogging thing" at my age? Do I want to keep this to myself and the "Primary Child" and "Perfect Child" only for while longer? Hmmmm. Ponder, ponder. Perhaps others will be encouraging, perhaps not. Ponder, ponder.

I am finding that the prospect of putting goals and accomplishments in written form does serve as a motivator for me. How long I'll feel this way remains to be seen. I suspect with some success I'll keep up the blogging, if only for myself. I would like to think that my interest in health and well being might be enough to keep me going. Lord knows after years of resolutions and even spurts of Lenten resolve, I need a boost of some sort.

I also find that being able to go outside and take a walk right now is a nice bonus. Gloomy winter weather doesn't really provide me with much inspiration, but this 50ยบ stuff is pretty nice.

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