Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm A Meteorologist!!!!

Or I should be. Remember when your grandmother used to say her "rheumatiz" was acting up and she knew a storm was coming? Yep, that's me now. My kids, "The Primary Child" and "The Perfect Child" probably both remember their grandmother complaining about her knees acting up when the weather was about to change. Well, my dear children, that is now ME. My one real knee is creaking and feeling rusty today, so I'm anticipating wet weather. I can almost guarantee you that my knee is as accurate as any meteorologist in the country.....but I don't get paid for my "fuzzy" forecasts, and I certainly don't get raises every year for being wrong about half the time.

My haircut got postponed!! I was so looking forward to lightening my load, too. I'm going today, and I remain convinced that a good shearing will knock off at least a pound!! :) I've been told not to get my hopes up, but I remain delusional all the same.

Last night as I went to bed, I told Hubby Dearest that I was craving tuna and noodles. He thought I meant right then and there, but I told him I really wanted it for dinner tonight. I'm going to try and find a "calorie friendly" version if I can. What really puzzles me is that I really, really, really DO NOT like casseroles. In my youth, my mom used to fix casseroles all the time and I absolutely refused to eat them. So why, all of a sudden, do I want a good old fashioned tuna and noodles? It makes no sense. AND, this morning after sleeping on that thought, I woke up and still want that darned casserole. I am fearful that my peculiarities are a sign of my impending old age. If I start craving Metamucil, I'm throwing in the towel!! I quit!

I'm actually looking forward to today. The sun is out, and altho' it is kinda cool outside, the sun has perked me up enormously. Funny how something so simple can have such a positive effect on one's outlook. I even look forward to going to the grocery store for my fresh produce, and that is no small feat. Even tho' I know something wet is on the way, be it rain or snow, the sunshine has me feeling upbeat for the time being. Yippeee Skippeeeeeee!!


  1. Still waiting for that post hair cut weight report!!! :-)

    Are you a meteorologist or is it a knee-teorologist??? Ohhh I crack myself up with my lame funnies sometimes!

  2. hope you enjoy the haircut!! My knee hurts and it's snowing but I think I semi-twisted it working out yesterday ;) I love casseroles....comfort food for me since my mom and grandma both made them a lot when I was a child.

  3. Got a kick out of your post. Thanks for the giggles.

    You are going to share a "new-do" picture with us aren't you?


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