Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gotta Start Movin' my Behinder Ender More!

Why do you suppose I decided this morning to weigh myself? Tomorrow is the 2nd week weigh in, and yet I thought jumping on the scales this morning seemed like a good idea. Well, it wasn't. It's not that I've gained anything, it's just that I seem to be holding my own is all. I had hoped for 2 pounds this week, realizing that the first week's loss of 7.5 pounds was probably an anomaly. Oh well, perhaps if I were more disciplined about my exercise, there might be more movement on the scale, because my food diary leads me to believe I'm watching what I eat.

Our walk last night didn't materialize cuz Hubby Dearest had mountains of work he brought home to finish. We ate earlier than usual so he could get right to it. I'm hoping tonight we'll be able to at least take a short "spin" around the hood. The temps are going a bit lower the rest of the week, so evenings might be nippy. And before you say it, yes, I do have warm clothing I could wear. Technically, I have no excuses left since all of our snow melted, and the ice patches are no longer on the path. Gee, ya think procrastination might be some of my problem??

I almost forgot...Happy St. Pat's day!!! Since we're not going out for a celebration, I almost forgot today was St. Pat's. Of course, we never go out for St. Pat's cuz it's when all the amateurs are out and about. :) We'll be celebrating with turkey burgers, cole slaw and perhaps a tiny little Irish potato. Hubby Dearest does not care for cooked cabbage, but likes cole slaw. I could write a book about the foods that both Hubby Dearest and the Perfect Child do not like, but will eat in a different form. It's mind boggling. And after this past week, I can add cooked spinach to the list.

I am thinking that when I begin the Healthy Woman Challenge in earnest, my activity level will significantly increase. It did last year. That, and when golf season gets into full swing, I'll be out on the links walkin' and swingin'. Winters are always difficult for me because I don't get to play golf. I know, poor me. However, the problem has been somewhat taken care of now. The Perfect Child lives in Phoenix, just bought a house, and has room for her favorite golfing Midwesterners. We've taken advantage of that, and broke the winter up into tolerable segments. Funny how I always feel better after getting to play golf. Of course, this last trip also pointed out to me how dangerous researching ALL the Mexican restaurants in Phoenix can be. One cannot eat Mexican food for every meal and expect to feel light on one's feet. That "not so perky" feeling was what prompted the Perfect Child and I to start our blogs and begin thinking more seriously about the decisions we make concerning our health. Now, technically the Perfect Child doesn't really need to lose weight, she is more concerned with maintaining a healthy weight and making healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Ok, time to put my money where my keyboard is. I'm going to Lowe's for some drill bits to complete an art project. I am going to park at the farthest point I can find, walk fast, and try to pretend I'm exercising. Then this afternoon, I am gonna hop on that darned recumbant bike and wear off a pound. There, I've put it in writing, so now I'm obligated. Right? Right!


  1. Hey! For the record, I do not have nearly as many food peculiarities as your Hubby Dearest and my Father Dearest. I'll challenge him to an eating contest any day. For goodness sakes, I'm going to be eating swiss chard tonight for the first time.

  2. Didja???? Did you walk fast through Lowes (accumulating stares) and then go home and hop on the exercise bike?????

    Either way, good luck with your 'official' weigh in!


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