Monday, March 23, 2009

Rainy Days & Mondays...

Yeah, and we have both!! Well, I suppose everyone has Mondays, so that's not a big deal. :0 However, our "monsoon" season seems to have begun. Last spring we had terrible flooding around the area, so I'm hopeful that won't be repeated. It's just that it is overcast and dreary. It's days like this that kinda make me lethargic. (More than usual.) So to compensate for my lethargy, I have decided to change my original plan for dinner and make it a tropical chicken with mango night instead. If I'm gonna live in a rain forest for a day or two, I'm gonna eat like it, too. There will be no grass skirts or coconut bras, but the menu will be festive.

Thanks to all who congratulated me on my wonderful idea to walk to breakfast. However, in keeping with being truthful about my diet and exercise, I must admit we did not walk to breakfast. And may I say, it was a good thing we didn't....the place was closed!! No mention of this closing last week, so we were shocked (and dismayed). However, the up side is that Hubby Dearest and I did go play golf and walked a great deal on the course, so I kinda feel we made up for our riding to breakfast. In fact, we walked so much, I figured I used several hundred calories. But, even tho' I could have rationalized an extra piece of garlic bread, I kept to my planned meal and did not waiver. This leaves me very hopeful for my weigh in on Wed. Of course, I had to mention my special-ness to everyone, so they'd know how much I gave up to stay on track. It was not too difficult to stay on the straight and narrow, as I'd left myself room for 2 "adult" beverages after golf. Tsk, Tsk, I can hear it now.

As for my addiction to 100 calorie packs, I'm trying to keep it to one bag as an after dinner treat. I'd get rid of them altogether if it weren't for the fact that Hubby Dearest likes them, too. And he doesn't need to lose weight, and isn't a sucker for that second bag. I am almost "battering" myself with the "You can do this, you're not an idiot" phrase. So far, well ok, just Sat. and Sun. it has worked. Just a little self control, I keep telling myself. I'll conquer this if it kills me.

Still and all, I really was pleased with my weekend. I didn't go overboard on anything, and got in good exercise, and for the most part, made good, healthy food choices. (Ok, not the two drinks.) So I'd give myself a B+ for the week. I'm deducting for the booze. If I'd had grades like this in college, my parents would have been elated. :)

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