Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New News

Not news I was happy to get, either. I was taking my vitamins and other supplements this morning and noticed the nutrition labels on each. I had always assumed it was a listing of all the wonderful ingredients that were leading me to health and happiness.....not so!! There were two bottles that listed CALORIES!! Yikes! I've been adding 70 calories per day just by taking my Glucosamine Chrondritin and Fish Oil. However, I quickly decided that if I were to actually drink my water ICED, as I mentioned yesterday, those 70 calories would be negated. 70 calories!!! Really, are you kidding me? That is almost one of my favorite "treats" in a bag, ya know. Crud.

So, having discovered this piece of crumby news, I have had to recalculate my caloric intake for today. Not a big deal. I'm just making out to be worse than it actually is. Feels worse than it really is, I think that is more the actual fact.

Yesterday was a good day again. I stayed away from those temptations I keep talking about, but I did walk by the pantry and gaze longingly at the closed door, knowing that behind those doors lurked the Devil himself. I almost reached in yesterday afternoon, but decided on a whole wheat English muffin instead. I felt so grown up. :) In order for me to not feel deprived, I have decided to allow myself three 100 calorie packs per week. Not only will that give me a treat, but in the long run will probably save me money, too.

This morning started out with my "new news", but continued to be annoying when my computer refused to start. I was ready to go out and buy a new one just so I could post on my blog, and read all of the other blogs. I think I'd really miss both if the old girl pooped out on me. Luckily, I was able to restore her to all her former glory by unplugging her and plugging her back in. I am so "techy" aren't I? Very complicated solutions like that are my specialty.

Tonight is beef night. We don't eat lots of beef anymore, so this will be kinda special. I'm pawing thru all my old recipes now and updating them, slimming them down, and calculating calories for the new versions. Taking a bit of time, but I'm finding lots of ways to improve old favorites. Earlier, I had put about 800 recipes into an old laptop computer to have at the ready. So now, with updated calorie counts, I am trying to go back and insert all the values for some of the most common dishes. Keeps me off the streets, anyway. Kinda tedious work, but I'm getting some satisfaction knowing the info is easily accessible.


  1. That really sucks about the 70 calories that you were unintentionally adding!

    I'm almost always also on a quest to keep my recipes updated on the computer. That means either adding new recipes to the computer, putting old ones on (stuff that never made it in the first place) or updating the recipes that I've 'slimmed down'. It seems never ending.

  2. Glad you dropped by, stop by anytime. As for success story, I'm far from that, but every little boost helps.

    Now I must go home and check out my vitamins. I never thought about that. I do know that the chewable fiber supplements do too. Good luck with the snacks hidden behind your pantry door.

  3. bummer about the vitamins.....maybe you don't have to count them as calories? I have no clue! Glad your puter is on the mend ;)


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