Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Told Me So!!

Yep, just as I suspected. My "March Madness" did me no favors for my weigh in today. I was up .8 this morning. Now, given my indulgences, that isn't awful, but still I had expected more from myself. Generally, I'm not given to high expectations, but in this personal quest I am holding myself more accountable. So, I guess it is now on to better things. I'm not going to let one little stumble on my path lead me to disaster. That was my previous M.O., but not now. I'm back on track this morning. Still "witching" about my vitamins having calories, but ready to start my new week.

Hubby Dearest and I had a discussion last night about the eating "rut" we've gotten into recently. Given that I have more cookbooks and recipe cards than one family could use in two lifetimes, I cannot for the life of me figure out why this has become a problem. Might be that Hubby Dearest has several foods that he refuses to even try, limiting my ability to "mix it up". However, I am going to try and include one large main course salad once a week. Usually, Hubby Dearest only likes Greek Chicken Salad w/feta, and Taco Salad. We are going to move into some other choices starting this week. I am hoping that with a little imagination and a willing husband, we can find some interesting alternatives to fish, chicken, fish, chicken, turkey, fish, pork tenderloin, get the idea. I'd love to incorporate artichokes into the routine, but I may have to limit that to just the dishes I eat. We'll see.

I must also admit that I am officially jealous of all the people writing in their blogs about these lovely outdoor walks. I've had a few, but not nearly enough to be satisfying. It's still rainy off and on, cold, and windy. This week doesn't look like there will be many opportunities, either. Not being outdoors also means no golf. And THAT is what is really getting me down. The course is open, but the weather keeps everyone at home. Getting to play once so far has just whetted my appetite for more.

Today will be errand day. In order to make use of all this running around, I'll do the "Park at the furthest point and walk fast" routine. Makes me feel as tho' I'm actually doing something proactive in the exercise department. At least part of my walks will be outside. :)


  1. I think we all get in a rut every now and then. If you like squash, you can make spagetti squash and a sauce to go over it. It is amazing at how much it favors spagetti, and it's a vegetable. Just an idea. Good luck finding new ideas.

  2. Ugh, I totally agree about the walking. I wish it would just stop raining already!! Of course, I live in Seattle... so what do I expect. Sorry to hear about the gain, I think I'm up this week, too. I expected more of myself, too. But... on to better days!

  3. I have been in a cooking rut :) If it was just me, it would be fine but the family expects me to cook ??

    I think we need a personal chef :) Thanks for your kind comments today.

  4. ahh rut. I know ye well. all I can hope for these days is remaining in a healthyfoodrut.
    the food bloggers and their posts continually blow my mind.


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