Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I See Sunshine!!!

I'm being told by my local forecaster that even if I'm seeing sunshine right now, it might not last. For now it is making the day a little brighter (get it, brighter?).  :)  Oh well, so much for sunshine humor, or lack thereof.  I think today I might try to squeeze a walk in before the shadows of gloom (also known as rain) reappear. Guess I'll set the trees out for whatever time period I can today.

As for my exercise.....well, I'm trying to force myself back into my previous routine.  I did some weights this morning, but I still need to get my big, fat arse back on either the treadmill or recumbent bike.  I'm not ready for our elliptical yet.  I have named that contraption "The Butt Buster".  It is not at all like the lovely elliptical I used at the gym.  Mine is a real implement of torture.  Hubby Dearest uses it just to make me feel bad.....sorry, it isn't working, dear.  I'll work back up to that....someday. 

I'm doing quite nicely on my food these days.  I've moved on from my obsession with the "200 under 200" cookbook, although I still like it.  I'm on to the "Canyon Ranch Cookbook" that arrived at the same time.  Gotta keep the variety comin' or I'll lose interest, I fear.   My breakfast experiment has kinda become a way of life now, and I'm happy about that.  I have varied the morning's options and have found that not all breakfast foods need to be "breakfasty".   This morning I had a breakfast frittata with my Biggest Loser Breakfast Sausage and sauteed red peppers.  Very tasty.   Hubby Dearest left this morning to go out of town until Thurs., so I'm on my own for meals for a bit.  I kinda like that, as I take these moments to eat things he'd never dream of ingesting.  :)  Mushrooms being high on my list, but certainly not on his.  So after my walk, I'll hop over to the grocery store for a nice big, juicy portabella mushroom that I can grill for a 'shroom burger this evening.   Yummy.  I've found some wonderful whole wheat, low cal hamburger buns that are only 80 cal per bun, so that will make a lovely dinner.  

Think I am finally going to have to call the computer repair person.  The first one I called never returned my call, so that company is out.  I still have issues logging on every morning, so I think it might be time to give up my "Jiggle the Handle" approach and get down to business with a real fixer upper guy/gal.   Hopefully we won't need an entire new computer, but if we do, I'll be gettin' that done a.s.a.p.  I'd miss my 'puter way too much to be totally without for very long. 


  1. Ah...the Jiggling of the Handle. It's the only type of repair I can do! Have a nice buger and 'shrooms tonight. Hope the forecaster is wrong and that you have sunshine all day!

  2. A few months ago, I lost my computer. It kept giving me warnings that it was going, and I kept putting it out of my mind because we were trying to finish our winter project of installing hardwood floors and I didn't want to be bothered. Bad mistake. Even worse mistake was not having everything backed up properly. I lost some pictures that can not be restored. So i hope you can get yours fixed and not lose anything valuable!

    I love mushrooms!! We are trying to grow shiitake mushrooms, but the squirrels seems to be getting to them before we can...grrr.

  3. i can really relate to the computer issues. I have heard the ones that have come out in the last year or two are so much faster so I am really looking forward to getting one by fall ;) but right now we have to save our money for a vacation at the end of June ;)

    mmmm........mushrooms! Love them!

  4. I have a butt buster, but it isn't an elliptical, it's my bicycle. I can't seem to ride that darn thing without walking like someone kicked me in the rearend. I'm looking for a big momma seat, but can't seem to find one.

    I love mushrooms, but have never tried a mushroom burger. I guess you grill it like a burger. Have fun with the foods while the hubby is gone.


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