Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ah!! Crud!!

Ever notice that just after you brag about something, you turn around and do something incredibly stupid? Yep, that's me yesterday. After announcing to everyone (and luckily not very many people read my blog) that I had a wonderfully successful weekend, I did the dumbest things possible to thwart my progress. For no reason whatsoever, too. I nibbled, nibbled and nibbled most of the late afternoon on cereal, then after dinner I treated myself to any extra piece of left over cornbread. Just plain DUMB!!! I was too chicken to jump on the scales this morning to check myself. I think I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to be seeing. My resolve is now strengthened, but I'm still pretty pissed off at myself. Tomorrow's weigh in might not be all that I'd bragged about. Damn!!

Today I'm joining friends for lunch, so after yesterday's debacle I'm really going to try and behave myself. I had told myself (and Hubby Dearest) that if ,this past week, was successful I was going to treat myself to an indulgence of Mexican food. A new place just opened up near us and I am dying to try it out. Now, I'm going to have to wait, I'm quite sure. I can't see treating myself after I showed no self restraint yesterday. I feel like I'm back disciplining the kids..."no dessert 'til you finish your peas." Never thought I'd have to use Tough Love on myself. :)

Happy thoughts now. I have to get over myself and move on. So, to that end, I'm going to plan tonight's menu. It will be happy and healthy, and I'll be back on track. Yippee Damed Skippy!!


  1. Even though you had a bit of a rough day...you still deserved to brag about your great weekend!!!!!!!!

    Pick yourself back up and you'll be fine!

  2. Here's a few words of advice a wise man told me several years ago. It's OK to look back at your mistakes, but don't stare! Today is a new day, and you're doing great.

  3. It may not be as bad as you think V! You really did have a great weekend, and we are all gonna slip up here and there. But you are already back on track..."Yippee Damed Skippy"...you do "grumpy blogging" so well!! :-)


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