Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Breakfast Challenge

After a slight (3 +day) detour last week, I am back on my breakfast challenge. Now, my detour wasn't awful, it just wasn't the wonderful, new and different experience I was imagining. With our 5 yr. old granddaughter visiting, I has my usual "stuff" instead of taking the time to experiment with all the new recipes I had discovered. Sooooo, this morning I began by making the Biggest Loser (Winner) breakfast sausage. With that I made myself a breakfast sandwich on an English Muffin (whole grain) and Laughing Cow cheese. Added a side of cantaloupe and voilĂ ! A new breakfast treat. The sausage is actually pretty good. I added a bit of red pepper flakes to get a bit of "zing" to it.

I did have an accident last night. I ran into a Skinny Cow.......twice!! It seems she left me some ice cream bars, dared me to try one, then tempted me yet again. I was weak and I bit...twice. She remains at large today, but is slightly dented. :) I hope to capture her and tame her very soon.

I ended up fixing my own computer problem without help from the useless technician that wouldn't come out to the house (altho' he was only 8 blocks away) until he had me jump thru hoops on the phone. (Now picture me jumping through phone hoops....hilarious.) After a long discussion he informed me my computer was probably corrupted and had multi viruses and could not be saved. AND YET!! Look here, I'm typing away on my blog. I found a simple solution to my problem. No virus, no nothing. Just reset the computer to an earlier date when it was working fine. All systems are now just dandy. I'm thinking of launching an at home business called "Just Jiggle The Handle". That's my solution to everything. And pushing "reset" in my monthly maintenance folder is kinda that same thing.

In response to a question. The new stuff I'm anxious to trick Hubby Dearest into eating are the soy noodles Hungry Girl suggests. They are packed in liquid like tofu, and look just like noodles. I'm anxious to see if he can tell the difference. He noticed the difference when I used soba noodles for a salad, so it will be an interesting experiment. I also got some of the Boca "meat" crumbles to give a whirl. Figured it couldn't hurt, and it might be very tasty. At the worst, I'll only make him eat the stuff once if he really balks.

Thanks, too, for the link to the "Brown Fat" info. Now that my computer works, I plan on reading it. I suppose it will be like everything else I only read a few lines of, it won't be nearly as interesting as I imagined. We'll see.


  1. I, too, have had multiple run-ins with that Skinny Cow. She's dangerous but oh so yummy! Love the "Jiggle the Handle" company. :) You MUST tell us how Hubby Dearest reacts to the tofu noodles. Can't wait!

  2. Ohh the skinny cow is a sneaky one isn't she???? I had to tell her to hide her skinny be-hind in the back of the freezer where I wouldn't see her every time I opened the freezer door!

    Can't wait to hear how the tofu noodles are!!!

  3. They were talking about those tofu noodles on one of the morning shows...something like 40 calories per serving. I might have to check those out! I came horribly close to an encounter with skinny cow's cousins, Big Honkin' Blocks of Sharp Cheddar. Two of them landed in my cart at the store yesterday, and I almost brought them home with me, but I knew what they would do if I let them in the house...it was a very close call!

  4. GOOD LUCK with the shirataki noodles and keep us posted.

    my husband wouldnt take ONE BITE :)


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