Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Complaints!!!

Normally, I wouldn't be posting on a weekend, but today is rainy and cold, so our outdoor activities were cancelled. Drats! That, and I couldn't wait to tell everyone about the Chicken Lo Mein with Tofu noodles. I did, in fact, cook the dish for dinner last night. I had it all ready to go with all tell-tale signs of Tofu noodles in the garbage. The noodles themselves were draining in the kitchen sink, but Hubby Dearest wouldn't think anything was odd about that. Veggies were all chopped, and I thought I was totally set to go. Hubby Dearest detests mushrooms, so I even took those out of the recipe all together. (I thought at least doing ONE nice thing would be good.) Then as I emptied the bag of stir fry veggies into the pan, YIKES! mushrooms appeared. Luckily the pieces were large enough he could pick them out easily, which he always does.

NOW....the verdict. He had two, count them two, helpings. After he finished the first helping, I fessed up and told him what he had just consumed. Virtually no reaction at all, he simply piled another helping onto his plate and said it tasted just fine. Actually, he said it was good. High praise indeed. I added some Sriracha hot sauce to give it a bit of a kick, and he really liked that, but said next time (Yes!! Next Time!!!!) add a bit more hot sauce. Of course after eating this new meal, he wanted me to be sure and congratulate him on being such a cooperative eater. :) I happily did so, cuz I wasn't at all sure this meal was gonna work out so well. I honestly thought he might make himself a PB & J. :)

After this successful adventure in eating, I am going to say that I am really happy with the "200 under 200" cookbook. It was well worth the price, and I have already had 4 successes out of 4 tries. I'd call that a pretty good batting average. I'll admit I was slightly skeptical at first, given some of the ingredients recommended, but I'm a convert now. I'll be experimenting more with the new "stuff" in the book. It's fun!!

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  1. I haven't tried this book yet, but you've got me thinking about it! Way to go on getting HD to go the healthier route! :)


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