Monday, April 6, 2009

Sneakin' A Peek

Have you ever wanted to just "sneak a peek" at the scales on a day that isn't your weekly weigh in? You know, just to see how really, really good (or bad) you've been? Well, that was me this morning. I just knew that I had been so exceptionally good that I'd lost tons of weight since my last .8# gain. I purposely set Wed. as my "official" weigh in day because I started this new adventure on a Wed. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? So, with that in mind, I promised myself I would only weigh in one time per week...meaning Wed. mornings. That said, I couldn't stand it today. I was anxious to see what the weekend had wrought, weight-wise. (Pause for effect here.) I DID lose a bit of weight. I got rid of the .8# from last week plus .5# more. Now I have two whole days to improve upon that number. I'm feeling particularly perky this morning. :) Being successful has that effect, doesn't it?

In addition to being quite good over the weekend, I was also productive. Hubby Dearest and I got our garage cleaned out and organized. "Big Deal!" you say. Well, it was. We moved in here about 1 1/2 yrs. ago, bringing with us 4 large boxes of legal papers associated with an estate Hubby Dearest administered. That and 4 boxes of various office supplies. (And no, they were not pilfered from his employer.) Since the legal papers could be destroyed now, we took them to a local bank which was sponsoring a "free shredding" truck in the parking lot. What a relief. I figured we'd move those darned boxes into the retirement home with us and have to use them as end tables. If anyone tells you having a 3 car garage is space enough...laugh, they couldn't be more wrong. You simply fill up more of the extra space with more crap. (Kinda like George Carlin's "stuff" monologue.) Along with this, we prepared for our neighborhood Spring cleanup. The garbage haulers will take anything you put on the curb, so we got out the old refrigerator our son took to college (it worked until about 3 wks ago) and a huge cabinet we used to store junk. Replaced the cabinet with shelving and organized the whole darned shootin' match. See.....productive. And a little bit of extra exercise to boot.

After searching all last week for new and different recipes, I found one for Southwestern Pork Stew. All of the ingredients were acceptable to Hubby Dearest, so that was what I whipped up for dinner last night. That, and a little cornbread made our snowy, bleak evening really light up. It was really tasty. AND, enough left overs for another meal. Tonight is a new recipe, as well. I'm doing an Arroz con Pollo. Still haven't given up the possibility that I need more cookbooks, tho'. :) I have a long haul in front of me and I want to be armed with all the "ammo" I can find.


  1. You were quite productive...and lots of activity to boot!

    YAY on the weight!!!!!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed with your weekend. I really need to clean my garage too, but not in the mood right now. Maybe it will hit me when it warms up some.


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