Monday, April 27, 2009

Something Has Got To Change....QUICK!!

Ok, so I have the 100 calorie packs under control, I have the Skinny Cow thing under control, the food and breakfast experiment is going very why have I decided that I just cannot seem to commit to my previous exercise routine? I was doing 30-45 min. per day for what seems like forever, and now, I can hardly force myself to do 10 min. twice a week? What is wrong with me? I'm calling it "melancholy" for now. I realize it is probably really laziness rearing its ugly head yet again, but "melancholy" sounds much more substantial. :)

I think part of the problem this weekend stemmed from the Monsoon season that hit this part of the Midwest. On Sat., we'd planned our golf game and were ready to go when the temps dropped into the 40's and our playing partners bailed. Shortly thereafter, so did we. However, we had an alternate plan. We'd buy the 3 trees we'd been thinking about, then plant them. Exercise enough, huh? Well, just as I was paying for the 3 trees, the skies opened and the "Weekend of Endless Wetness" began. Gloomy, wet, and cold, my three favorites. Winds came soon thereafter, so we moved the trees into the garage, where they are awaiting a dry day for planting. From all reports that one and only day may be on Thurs. So in the interim, since Hubby Dearest will be out of town, I can haul the trees in and out of the garage for those few days. Can that count as weight work?

With the endless rain this week comes the fear of flooding. We, luckily, are not in an area prone to flooding, but everywhere around us is susceptible to flooding. You may have seen on TV last year the floods called "The 500 year floods", that's Iowa!! The year before they called the floods "The 100 year floods". Hopefully, we are not gearing up for "The 1000 year floods". I do worry about those areas not yet fully protected yet. Work is progressing on most of the levees, but they are certainly not all completed. So my whining and complaining about the rain ruining my golf and my walking, seem very insignificant, don't they?

As insignificant as my problems are, they are still troubling. I just cannot seem to get my act totally together. One thing always seems to gnaw at me. I'm losing weight, cuz I can feel it in my waistbands, but I know that exercise is vital to actually improving my overall health. Even tho' I really need to lose weight, the purpose of this new journey was (and is) to improve all aspects of my health. I'm hopeful that writing about this, and putting this out in the blogosphere will prompt me to action. This method worked for my other problems, i.e. 100 cal packs, Skinny Cow, and breakfast, so I really hope this will be the push I need to get back on track with my exercise, too. Fingers crossed. X


  1. We had a really rainy period, and minor flooding but nothing like you are having. And we needed it--we have been in a drought for years.

    About the exercise, It is really hard for me to get started too. Maybe if you just commit to doing 15 minutes a day. For me, the big chunks of time stop me in my tracks. But smaller and more frequent periods of exercise seem to get me moving. You will get back on track!

  2. ugh sorry about all the rain! We finally had some sun here in Georgia after many weeks of it! I'm having a "melancholy" issue too with exercise. I agree with starting slow again. I just did 10 minutes of yoga this morning and was proud of myself for just getting up!

  3. I have had the "melancholy" issue for more than 2 yrs! Just starting again.. Even if I get some weeding... watering the garden under my belt is a big achievement. You'll get there soon enough. Enjoy the journey.

  4. Well, I think hauling trees around counts! But yeah, it IS hard to get started again. I know you will, though, and you'll feel so much better once you have.

  5. Sorry to hear about the rain washing out your plans! Physical labor definitely counts toward activity/exercise!

    Starting and getting into a routine is the difficult part. You can do it!

  6. I know how you feel. I don't have a problem going to the gym or doing exercise on the weekend, but I must figure out how to squeeze it in during the week - at least once or twice. Even though I know how good I feel afterward, it doesn't always motivate me to get up off of my rear and go. My gym bag is packed and I'm going to attempt to go to the gym right after work tonight - even if it's only for 20 minutes of cardio. Good luck to you!

  7. Melancholy sound rather poetic and romantic,doesn't it? Unfortunately, it is hard and real and totally unpretty.

    Sometimes it is hard to get out of that (I get very lengthy spells of depression) and I wish I knew the answer! I hope an improvement in weather helps, if you still continue to feel low, don't be afraid to seek outside help.

    Well done on what you have achieved so far (and for being such a wonderful blogging person), I hope you feel better and get back in the groove soon!

  8. Gloomy weather makes me gloomy, too! At times like that, I give myself a set time to wallow, and then I get up and get moving again.

    I'm sure you'll work your way out of the funk the same way you worked through the other issues!


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