Friday, April 10, 2009

Off To A Rousing Start!!

Yep, I really to a rousing start, that is. I did breakfast this morning. Day 1 is in the books! I made a veggie breakfast burrito. (Thank you Patty for the idea.) Since this is Good Friday, I have certain dietary restrictions, but the end result was quite pleasing. I'm going to make the Biggest Loser breakfast sausage mix for my next burrito and probably use it on my English Muffin pizza, too. Thanks to all of you for your ideas and encouragement. THAT is exactly why I began blogging. The support and wonderful ideas are a real bonus. I appreciate everyone bolstering my resolve. Thanks again. The Primary Child told me blogging would be a helpful tool....I hate to tell him he was right.

Weekend's a comin' and I am planning carefully. Not just breakfast, but everything. We'll be going away for Easter Sunday, so I have to be prepared. Then, the following week, we'll have our granddaughter here for a few days. That will be my exercise, for sure. She is 5, and a real pistol. Lots of fun, tho'. Lucky for me, she loves veggies and fruits so we'll make lots of yummy dishes together. I am certain I'll be able to stay on course throughout the week, even with her around. She almost eats healthier than I do. :)

At least one day this weekend is supposed to be nice, so we are planning a golf outing. Hurray!! That will be a wonderful day of exercise, and I am really looking forward to it. Today, although it will be nice, I have repair people coming for both our phones and a light post in our back yard which has fallen over. Hopefully, they will be done in time for an afternoon stroll thru the "hood". I hate to waste nice days sitting on my big, fat a**!! That didn't used to bother me, but luckily, it does now. Just one more benefit of blogging, I'm encouraged to move more. Thanks, yet again!!

Ya'll have a wonderful, healthy weekend!!


  1. Go V, go!! I think we follow each other around the same blogs and I see the encouragement you offer others, and I know you have encouraged me. So you are just getting back what you have been putting out there!! Hope you have a blast playing golf and a great Easter weekend!

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan going on there and I love those breakfast dishes you will be having - yum!

    I too am finding this blogging community absolutely wonderful, loving e-meeting so many people working towards the same goals.

    Got to laugh at your not wanting to be stuck indoors waiting for the phone people, I am putting off getting a plumber in for the very same reason, lol!

    Enjoy your superb Easter.

  3. Breakfast burritos are one of my favorites, particularly on the weekends when I have time to make them. They are yummy with egg whites, salsa, black beans and a little bit of cilantro. You know me - hold the cheese, please! That's the one thing I have going for me. :) Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  4.'s it going??? Still going strong??? Enjoying the granddaughter?????


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