Friday, April 3, 2009

Low On Imagination

Ok, I have to admit that I have kinda run out of imagination and inspiration today. I've been reading other blogs trying to get my "blog on", but I'm still wandering aimlessly around my keyboard hoping something interesting and amusing will pop into my head. I'll keep typing for a few more minutes and see what hits me. :0

Yesterday was a good day, not great, but good. Even tho' the weather was decent, I did not go out for a walk. No excuses, I just didn't. That, of course, eventually made me sorta mad at myself for being such a lazy butt. Now the weather is cooling off again, and I'll be back at the 'mill and recumbent bike complaining about having to stay indoors. There is just no pleasing me. Don't you all pity Hubby Dearest??

My lack of imagination is still plaguing me in the culinary department, too. I'm looking, reading, and researching recipes that are new and different in an effort to make our dining experiences more diverse. Hubby Dearest being a meat and potatoes man is having difficulty embracing my new ideas, but he's trying, so I'll give him credit for that. I know that if I want to succeed in this effort I have to have more interesting food to enjoy. My usual solution to a food problem is to go buy a few new cookbooks, but clearly, that hasn't helped so far.

I have to take a spin around the grocery store today cuz we're out of fresh veggies. That's an easy in and out, so I shouldn't be tempted by those pesky "inside aisles". I've been doing much better with my perimeter shopping, so that has made me happy. (And that ain't easy.) I'm anxious for the growing season to begin around here so we can have some truly tomato-y tasting tomatoes to slice. I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and get a basket of fresh produce weekly. I'm hoping they have an early season crop of something or another. Last year the floods reduced the amount of early season produce, so I was disappointed in that. So far this year, the rains and the snow melt has been under control. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this spring.

For not being inspired, I certainly have managed to ramble on quite a bit, haven't I? I really shouldn't be allowed to type when under NO influence whatsoever.


  1. Love your rambles :) I can't wait for the farmers market, as long as i wake up in time!!

  2. Love your profile, and your ramblings too. :-) Thanks for the encouragement. We are really hoping for a good growing season this year. Since we starting growing our own tomatoes, I can not force myself to buy the ones in the store!

  3. It seems to me your rambling turned into a post. Hope the fresh produce is better this year.

  4. I love the rambley kind of posts! I find I enjoy cooking the most when I am really hungry :)

  5. Tomato-ey tasting tomatoes are the best :)

    I agree, rambling posts are good! It's a great insight into your everyday life :)


  6. I wish you all the luck finding new and yummy recipes to try. Variety is the key to making this lifestyle work! I go through spurts where I will vow to try one new recipe a week. At first I was cooking the old standby way (meat and potatoes) every night but that one 'new recipe' night. But eventually my husband started asking for those new recipes as a meal. It was a gradual process!


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