Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Much Ado About Very Little!

Ok, I kinda paraphrased my buddy Willie Shakespeare, but that was the crux of the matter. I whined a great deal about something that turned into not very darned much. Well, guess that is where the "I'm cranky" part of my profile rings true. This morning I had, in fact, lost that .8# I gained the week before. However, that extra .5# I was bragging about is but a distant memory. It came back to haunt me. The up side is that I am back to having lost an even 10 pounds. I consider that to be a good start to what will be a long journey. As JogaJogger said in a comment yesterday, "It's ok to look back at your mistakes, just don't stare." So, I've looked back, whined and complained, but now I'm looking forward and attempting to put a positive "spin" on this whole thing.

I have to say, I'm rather proud of the way we've managed our eating these past few weeks. With the exception of a couple of "oops" we are really staying with the healthy options for almost all of our meals. I'm working on variety now. I'm finding that fruit salsas are a wonderful way to dress up fish and chicken. I kinda make salsas up as I go, but so far so good. I also "fiddled" with a recipe for a chipotle marmalade. It's a copy of a sauce in one of our favorite restaurants. I'm also excited that grilling season is now in full swing. We've been enjoying things on the grill lately, and that certainly adds to the variety of flavors.

Moving forward, I'm now focusing on the golf season!! I'm thinking it is going to get warm enough to get out more frequently. That, in and of itself, should give me more exercise and brighten my spirits. Today is just a walking day, but I'm looking forward to the fresh air. I'm hoping that the wind will be a bit calmer than my last al fresco walk. It was way to brisk to be enjoyable.

Many pre-Easter Bunny errands to run today. I really do not like shopping, so I'm going to try and make this trip as fast and painless as possible. I'm hoping that after my walk and a nice shower, I'll be all "amped" up to go shopping. Probably not, but hope springs eternal.


  1. Your so right on to look back but don't stare. Don't get stuck. I've never heard of fruit salsas. I'll be checking into that one. There is a golf course behind my property. It amazes me the people that will go golfing in really cold temps. Have a great day.

  2. Chipotle marmalade...that sounds good!

    But what really sounds good is that you have lost 10 pounds already! Apparently you are not as lazy as you claim! :-) That's gotta make you proud. Way to go VR!


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