Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Gearin' Up

Yep, I'm gettin' ready to spring the noodles on the old man!! Tonight is the night....unless he happens to read this blog first and find out what I'm about to do. :) I'm going to add 2 oz. of chicken more than the recipe calls for, just so he won't be too disappointed in the quantity of meat in the dish.

Golly, gee whiz, I was so good yesterday, I'm almost throwing my arm out of the socket patting myself on the back. Lovely breakfast, light lunch before golf, nice dinner of left over pork tenderloin, squash & mixed veggies. Then ONE, count that, ONE Skinny Cow treat at 7:30....just before my cut off time for consuming food. If I hadn't been so tired from being out in the sun and playing golf, I'd probably done the "happy dance". (P.S. Patty, the diet coke for the tenderloin is discarded after it marinates for a while, so you really don't get much of it. But, yes, it is kinda important to the recipe.)

Today, my big activity will be getting all the food prepped for dinner tonight in advance of Hubby Dearest's arrival home. I'm sure if he saw the packaging of some of the items he'd turn tail and run!! And yes, he is snoopy and will look in every pot, look at every wrapper left out, and sniff and smell til he can guess what he's about to have for dinner. We all call him "Noopy", which is our way of saying he's way, way to nosey.

Finally broke down and called a computer repair company. I'm sick and tired of dealing with my "Jiggle the Handle" remedy. My frustration limit has been reached. Right now, every 5 min. my computer tells me it is trying to shut down so that my updates can be put into effect. I've not added any updates, so that is baffling to me. One of the many little "niggles" that have led me to the yellow pages. Hopefully, by next post, I'll be happily online without hassles.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Glad you had such a great day! Can't wait to hear how the dinner turns out. Oh, and us "curious" people like to be prefer to be referred to as "investigators" or "researchers". :-)
    Hope you have a great weekend too,
    Snoopy..I mean Patty

  2. Sadly, Hubby Dearest is just plain Snoopy!!! Even the kids agree. :)

  3. As the "perfect child" I have to back V up - HD is not curious - he's flat out nosey. In a slightly sweet, but still annoying way. Not sure how he manages that. :)

  4. was it??? Did you get it prepared before he got home? What was the verdict???


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