Monday, April 20, 2009

Still Fighting!!

Still fighting the cable company, the phone company, and my weight....all at the same time. :)  I think maybe the weight battle might just be the one I have a chance of winning!!  However, my conscience won't allow me to bypass the fact that we tailgated this weekend for the Huskers' Spring Game.  Yes, that meant fattening foods, adults beverages and some rowdy behavior.  I participated in ALL!!  Especially the rowdy behavior.  BUT, come Sunday morning, I was back at the "job".  I ate sensibly the rest of the time.  

Just before we left town for the game, I got three new cookbooks in the mail.  I ordered one thru Barnes & Noble's used book seller's.  Mistake!!!  It was the new Weight Watchers binder cookbook with two chapters missing!!  Darn!  Oh well, when one only pays $10, one gets what one pays for....right?  The other two I've been reading and enjoying very much.  The one from Canyon Ranch in Tucson has some amazing recipes.  I'm doing an Orange Basil Salmon tonight.  The other book is the 200 for under 200 by Hungry Girl.  It has some unusual ingredients that I am actually anxious to try.  Hiding some of the stuff from Hubby Dearest might be a challenge, but if I keep my mouth shut until after he eats, I will probably be golden.  Shhhhhh. Don't anyone spoil the surprise.  :)

Over the weekend, I also read an article in our hotel room that talked about "Brown Fat" and "White Fat".  I wish I'd cut the article out and saved it.  "Brown Fat" is apparently really good to have, as it keeps "White Fat" in check.  It is also the fat we have as children, where we can eat almost anything and not get fat as children.  As we grow older, we seemingly magically lose most of our "Brown Fat" and that's why we have more weight issues as adults.  I'm going to go online (as soon as the Internet gets fixed today) and find out more about this.  I'm positive I read the first part of the article correctly, but I wasn't able to finish the whole thing.  Wish I could say the same for the extra wraps I ate over the weekend!!  If anyone else read this article, please help me with a website, newspaper, anything that identifies this info.  I'm very curious about this.  Probably not one darned thing I can do about it, but I find the concept interesting. 

After my bout with food poisoning, I haven't gotten back on the scales again.  I'm relishing the loss I saw immediately following my "episode".  So for now, I'm feeling quite light on my feet. :)
Wed. will be weigh in day, so we'll see what I've been able to maintain....especially after my Saturday of debauchery.  Good Luck to ME!!!


  1. Yay, for debauched weekends - booo,for useless phone companies.

    Hopefully your weigh-in will be good.

    PS: Most publishing companies will happily exchange a book that has missing pages.

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one who overdid it this weekend! Good luck with your weigh in. Mine will not be pretty :)

  3. I want to know which ingredients you are looking forward to trying! Here's the url to the CNN version of the story:

    Is that what you are looking for?

  4. I was gonna link what Patty did. Interesting huh?

    here's to a good weigh in tomorrow but REGARDLESS here's to staying on track.

    if you need a hand you know where to find me!


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