Thursday, March 19, 2009

Conversations With Me

So, this morning as I'm having breakfast, I'm having a little talk with myself. (And, yes, I do answer myself, as I am really good company.) I'm asking myself why is it that at about 3:00 in the afternoon I crave a sweet treat? Not that this is unusual, but it is for me because ordinarily I don't like sweets. I am not a cookie, cake, pie or dessert person, and never have been. Well, I'll admit as a young child my mother would let me crumble oreos in a bowl and pour milk over them and call it breakfast, but other than that, as an adult, I don't really have a sweet tooth. I am trying the Extra Sugar Free gum trick, and it helps some, but for whatever reason, I really want a cookie. This is where the Devil takes over, I have some 100 calorie packs in the pantry. They are really for Hubby Dearest, but recently I've been helping myself. The Devil, however, will not let me stick to just one, he insists I have another in about 15 min., just to be sure they were as good as I thought the first time. My conclusion is that today at 3:00 I'll get up off my big, fat, a** and go for a walk. By the time I return it will be time to begin making dinner. We'll see how that works. I promise not to take a snack pack with me on the walk, even tho' they would fit neatly in my jacket pocket.

The "gist" of all this rambling is that yesterday I really had a very good day, foodwise. It was just that pesky 100 calories (that I repeated twice) that threw my calorie count off a bit. I was still in my preferred range, but I was so ticked at myself for giving in to the temptation. I cannot stand to think of myself as a weak person, lazy yes, weak no. I am determined to get this tiger by the tail and beat it into submission. How I do it, remains to be seen.

Another twist in my never ending quest for better health, (and weight loss) is the addition of green tea with my breakfast and lunch. I fell for one of those Internet deals on WuLong tea about a year ago. I liked the tea, but didn't really think it was helping with weight loss. (It is called a "slimming tea".) However, I now find I just like it for no other reason than it is somewhat soothing and tastes good. Perhaps if I use it twice a day, as directed, it will provide some assistance in weight loss. Since I only had it sporadically when I first got it, I don't know if it helps or not. We shall see. Still, I have gobs of it (it was a real steal on the Internet) I'll have plenty of it to try. If nothing else, it is one way to get water into my system.

Speaking of water, did anyone else read the article that said a person should drink 1/2 their body weight in water ounces per day? All these years, I've been drinking only enough for a 128 pound person. (Water, that is.) I'm kinda worried that if I really do drink that much water, I'll have to stay home and near the bathroom, or my eyes will begin to float. Where do these studies come from, and why do they make us feel as though we must take the findings to heart? I'm a sucker for stuff like this, I guess.


  1. there are varying reports on how much water. I do know, however, that you can be over-hydrated.

  2. I was never a sweets person either until I got about 6 months into this healthy eating. Now I crave it like crazy. Wonder why?

  3. Good luck with the 100 pack things. Get through the first few days and you'll be fine. I think the walk in place of them is a great idea!

    The water. I have found (and shared this with my co-workers as they have kicked up their water consumption and they find it to be true also) that the first few days that you are drinking lots of water (more than normal) you will find yourself in the bathroom more often, but then it will settle down. This happens to me even if I skip a day or so of water drinking...the first day I start drinking again, I'm in the bathroom more often.

    The science behind this? When we are not drinking enough water our bodies panic and start to conserve and save water because it's not actually getting enough. So when you start drinking the right amount, your body isn't panicked about the possibility of becoming severly dehyrated so it can expell all of that saved up water. This also explains water retention. My weight will jump a pound or two on the day after I do not drink water. I start drinking and my weight drops. It's like clockwork!

  4. Wow, I need to work on my water consumption. When the day gets away from me, I forget to refill my water glass/bottle at work. Oh, and my sweet tooth kicks in at night and I never have anything sweet in the house except peanut butter.


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